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9 Food Apps Every Traveler Should Download

9 Food Apps Every Traveler Should Download

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Smartphones have changed the way we experience travel, from instant photo uploads to the ability to meticulously chart our courses — right down to every meal we eat. We’ve selected nine food apps that will enhance your travel experience rather than take away from it — especially when it comes to food.

9 Food Apps Every Traveler Should Download (Slideshow)

To find these apps, we paid special attention to the breadth and scope of app content. For example, while there are many social dining apps that connect travelers with home-cooked meals at the houses of locals, we found that the app EatWith serviced the largest number of cities around the world. We also made an effort to include apps that are not all about sharing and social media — ones that act as personal diaries as much as public platforms.

There is a preference in this list for content that is curated by experts, because as much as we value crowdsourced suggestions, navigating sites like Yelp abroad can be tricky. For example, in many parts of the world, Yelp is mostly used by visiting Americans, not locals. Other countries have their own similar sites, but they are usually in a language other than English. Most of the apps we selected are specifically geared to guide you as a traveler — not as a tourist.

Travel apps are great, because they help people who are hard-pressed to set aside a few hours to plan an itinerary do so in increments, or even while they wait for their flight at the airport. Last-minute dinner cruise on the Seine? Check. They also provide ways to connect with the local culture that traditional research cannot. For example, the app Foodspotting highlights popular dishes in your area and advises you on where to get them. So when you’re in Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, you can procure the doubles sandwich that is so popular among the local Trinidadian community, instead of settling for a popular restaurant that is well within your comfort zone.

So spend a few dollars (or none at all) on these guides that are as mobile as you are.

Chefs Feed

Leave your question of where to dine to the professionals. We’re talking big names like Mario Batali, Thomas Keller, and Emeril Lagasse. Chefs Feed, which recently gained $4 million in early-stage funding, connects users with the vetted recommendations of professional chefs in their respective cities. And who understands a city’s culinary beat better than the people who cook arguably the best food for that city? The app currently includes guides for 23 cities in the United States and Canada, and one international city (London).


If you love traveling, but feel a tad disappointed that you don’t know a local who will invite you to dinner, then EatWith is your solution. EatWith connects tourists with skilled home chefs by letting diners browse through hosts in various cities, choose a specific menu they like, and get the chance to eat in a local’s dining table along with other visitors. Though only some of the hosts have Michelin stars under their belts, all of them go through rigorous testing; only 4 percent of all applicants are accepted to the program. It’s one of the best ways to make friends and feel at home in your travels. The app services over 150 cities around the world.

Grubhub (iOS/Android)

The Grubhub app is available for both iOS and Android. You simply enter your location and Grubhub will show you all of the restaurants in your area. You can search by cuisine type (fast food) or by a specific menu item (cheeseburger), making it easy to find your next meal. You can also save delivery locations, such as work or home, to speed up the process.

Availability: Grubhub is available in more than 3,200 U.S. cities and London.

Fee: The app is free to use, though some restaurants may charge a delivery fee and have a minimum order amount. GrubHub+ is a service where participating restaurants offer unlimited deliveries for a $10 per month subscription.

Coronavirus: Grubhub now offers contact-free delivery, including an order pickup option for people who are more comfortable picking up the food themselves. Customers can select the delivery option at checkout and instruct the driver to leave food at the door, in the lobby, or wherever the customer prefers.

9 Food Apps Every Traveler Should Download - Recipes

Ninja Foodi Recipes to get you started

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The gallery of Ninja Foodi recipes are all Home Pressure Cooking’s tested, tried and true recipes. Some of my most popular ones, such as Taco Pie, Lasagna, Big Mac attack and more are on a steady rotation around here.

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Plant-Based Sources of the Nine Essential Amino Acids

When it comes to plant-based eating, there are a few sources of all nine essential amino acids, referred to as complete proteins, including quinoa, buckwheat, and soy. Beyond these three foods, there are other plant-based foods that provide some of the essential amino acids but they aren’t complete. These are protein-rich plant-based foods such as beans, nuts, whole grains, seeds, and some veggies.

Here’s a breakdown of each of the essential amino acids, what they do in the body, and the best plant-based sources!

1. Histidine

Histidine produces a neurotransmitter called histamine which is “vital to immune response, digestion, sexual function, and sleep-wake cycles,” as well as being a critical component “for maintaining the myelin sheath, a protective barrier that surrounds your nerve cells.” Plant-based foods rich in histidine include rice, wheat, rye, beans, quinoa, “buckwheat, corn, cauliflower, mushrooms, potatoes, bamboo shoots, bananas, cantaloupe, and citrus fruits.”

2 and 3. Isoleucine and Leucine

Isoleucine and leucine are both important for the health of your muscles and blood sugar. Specifically, isoleucine is an integral part of muscle metabolism — it’s concentrated within muscle tissue — as well as immune function, hemoglobin production, and energy regulation, and leucine is “ critical for protein synthesis and muscle repair,” plus it also “helps regulate blood sugar levels, stimulates wound healing and produces growth hormones.” Both of these amino acids are found in quinoa, buckwheat, soy, as well as small quantities in “lentils, black beans, and pinto beans,” which “provide just under 0.2 g of leucine and nearly 0.1 g of isoleucine per ounce.”

4. Lysine

Lysine, also called L-lysine, is important for “protein synthesis, hormone and enzyme production, and the absorption of calcium,” as well as “energy production, immune function and the production of collagen and elastin.” This amino acid is particularly rare in plant-based foods, yet it can be consumed via tofu and some green leafy veggies including spinach, kale, watercress, romaine lettuce, and swiss chard, as well as the complete proteins quinoa and buckwheat.

5. Methionine

Methionine is essential for metabolism, detoxification, tissue growth “and the absorption of zinc and selenium, minerals that are vital to your health.” When it comes to methionine, too much may be unhealthy. This is where a plant-based diet shines! While you can consume small amounts of methionine through brazil nuts, oats, and sunflower seeds, (as well as buckwheat and quinoa) a plant-based diet generally delivers just enough to be healthy without overdoing it!

6. Phenylalanine

Phenylalanine “is a precursor for the neurotransmitters tyrosine, dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine,” as well as playing an integral role “in the structure and function of proteins and enzymes and the production of other amino acids.” Phenylalanine is found primarily in nuts and legumes — for instance, five walnuts contain 540 mg and chickpeas, beans, and lentils contains around 400 mg per serving — as well as soybean flour and tofu and of course buckwheat and quinoa.

7. Threonine

Threonine, similar to lysine, is a “principal part of structural proteins such as collagen and elastin, which are important components of the skin and connective tissue,” as well as playing a role in “fat metabolism and immune function.” Similarly to phenylalanine, threonine is found in soy products, — such as soya beans — nuts, — such as almonds, pistachios, and cashews — seeds, — such as pumpkin, chia, and flax — beans, — such as cranberry beans, yellow beans, and kidney beans — and lentils.

8. Tryptophan

Tryptophan maintains “proper nitrogen balance and is a precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates your appetite, sleep, and mood.” Even plant-based eaters are aware that turkey makes you sleepy due to tryptophan levels, but this essential amino acid is also found in plant-based foods. The best plant-based sources of tryptophan include pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cashews, walnuts, and almonds, peanuts, split peas, lentils, kidney beans, and black beans.

9. Valine

Valine helps “stimulate muscle growth and regeneration and is involved in energy production.” Valine can be found in soya foods — roasted soybean products such as soy flour, natto, and tempeh — seeds — particularly, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds and sunflower seeds — nuts — such as pistachio, cashews, and almonds — cooked mushrooms — particularly, portobello, white, oyster, and shiitake — whole grains — including kamut, teff, and wild rice — and a variety of beans and lentils.


Price: Free / $9.99 per month (optional)

Feedly is an RSS reader. Essentially, it’s a news app. You can find the blogs, sites, and sources that you like. Follow them and you’ll have a steady stream of news to read all day. This should suffice enough to replace the morning paper (although the paper is still better for local news). The interface is simple to use, it syncs between devices, and you can follow as many topics as you want. There is also support for Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. There are few RSS readers that do it like Feedly and fewer still apps that give you control over what you see. That makes it one of the best tablet apps for news.

Best Recipe Websites List:

The number one recipe website literally blows all the other away. has an astonishing 25 million unique visitors each month! They are also in competition to be one of the most visited sites on the internet coming in the top 100. The website is very easy to use and you will be able to find literally any recipe you need and then some. The site allows you to search for recipes, videos and how-to do’s on just about anything food related. It also allows you to create a profile and share your recipes with the rest of the world. Others can rate the recipes and write reviews to help seed through the duds. 9 times out of ten, when you search for a recipe, will likely be in the first slot on google search.

The Food Network

The food network is an obvious player in the game because of the amount of people they are able to reach. They have multiple ways to lure in visitors such as their network or television, magazines, radio, and website. They have a whopping 23 million visitors to their site every month. The website is loaded with so much more than just recipes and videos. You are also able to watch clips and episodes from past shows on their network. A great choice mainly because of their shinning reputation. The food network has been around quite a while and has been a trusted source of quality information., otherwise known as Genius Kitchen, has substantially less visitors to their site but it still a great way to find that special recipe. They have cataloged over 500,000 individual recipes on their website which makes trying to find that one recipe not very hard. They also have an option to create a profile so you can see your search history and save recipes from the past or for the future.

Yummly is a great recipe website and very often are their videos shown on social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. The videos are unique, easy to follow and precise. This style of recipe making for video has been replicated by many other websites but not quite like Yummly can.

Their website also contains over 2 million recipes. The database is very easy to use and is equipped with many different filter options and dietary needs. When you join for a free account you are able to save recipes, make shopping lists, and share with others your recipes. You are also able to create a meal plan based on your diet restrictions and allergies. The site is clean, fun and very easy to use.


This site is worth mentioning not because of the number of visitors it has but because of the quality of the content. The site has been around for 20 years and has only accumulated 50,000 recipes within the database. While this number is very low compared to others, the recipes are all handpicked and trusted. They have been filtered and tested to make sure they are the best of the best. This site only is in the business of a particularly special recipe.

Betty Crocker

Of course, Betty Crocker would be on the list. They have been creating recipes and cookbooks for over 100 years. They have also been on television, radio, books, newspapers, food products, magazines, and their website. They have been creating recipes longer than any other source in America today. So, there is no surprise why it is one of the most trusted recipes websites with almost 12 million visitors every month. The database of recipes and cookbooks seems to be endless, each with originality and fame to cover it. Betty Crocker is a force to be dealt with in the recipe business and should not be taken lightly.

Eating Well

The main focus of Eating Well’s website is exactly what it sounds like. They like to create content that is only healthy and good for you. They also focus a lot on special diets and the recipes you can eat to fulfill that meal plan. They also have preset meal plans that have been created by registered dieticians that specifically cater to many different diets like ketogenic, paleo, whole 30, gluten free, low carb and no sugar. There are hints and tips to make the diet life easier with special kitchen hacks and lots of videos to teach you what to do. They also have a magazine that has been printing for almost 25 years now.

You have probably heard of this website before because of their main focus which is video recipes. The videos are cleverly created with super decadent ingredients that are more than lustful. This draws in an incredible number of viewers. They have an extremely large following on Facebook where their videos are shared by people almost religiously.

With how much you see on social media about tasty videos you would think they were advertising when they are not. The users and visitors share their videos to their own personal feed where their friends see it and then they share it. With the standout quality and simplicity of the recipes being created, there is no wonder why the videos spread like wildfire.


Delish is also very similar to tasty, their videos may not be as popular but that’s because that is not what they are only about. Tasty almost exclusively makes recipe videos while Delish makes videos and content for the site. The content contains trusted and tested creative recipes, hints, tips and plans to help you with whatever you may need.

The site is very clean and easy to use with thousands of articles on so many different topics all revolving around food. The recipes database is also very extensive very several different filter options to sort through. This site is great and you may find yourself lost in it for a few hours.

One You Easy Meals 4+

Our free Easy Meals app is a great way to eat foods that are healthier for you. You’ll find delicious, easy meal ideas to get you going if you’re ever short of inspiration.
One You is here to help you live more healthily and make the changes that matter. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to prepare, or think of new meal ideas. Remembering ingredients and keeping track of calories can be a hassle. This app helps you to do all of this and more!
Download the app today and use it to:

• Search over 150 easy, calorie counted recipes across breakfast, lunch, evening meals and puddings
• Find delicious meal ideas using our simple Meal Mixer
• Save your favourite recipes to access later
• Keep track of what you need with the handy shopping list, save or email ingredients to make your shopping easier
• Learn more about being food smart and making healthier choices

Food and Recipes

Here is a place for you to play with your food -- literally: enjoy, have fun with and celebrate food -- but don't worry, we'll still help you get dinner on the table every night.

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It Wouldn't Be Tabasco Sauce Without the Red Stick

How Escargot Evolved From Snail Snack to Treat for the Elite

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What Is Candy Corn and How Is It Made?

Why Restaurants Are So Loud These Days

Monkfish May Be Ugly, But They Sure Taste Delicious

Sweet, Salty Scallops Are Simple to Prepare at Home

How to Make a Milkshake

Where's the Beef? Off the Menu at Some Top U.S. Restaurants

Monk Fruit Is Nature's Zero-calorie Sweetener

Why You Need More Lentils in Your Life

From Books to Beans: Public Libraries Pitch in to Distribute Food

Congee Is the Food Equivalent of a Warm, Heated Gravity Blanket

How to Stock a Beautiful Bar Cart

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In a country with a radically altered economic landscape due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public libraries across the nation are partnering with local food banks help keep hunger at bay.

Congee is simple comfort food at its best. This rice dish dates all the way back to ancient China, but its roots aren't based solely in Chinese food. Have you tried it?

A bar cart can be a gorgeous decorative element in your home. But it better be well-stocked if it's going to function as your bar. Otherwise, it's really just a pretty cart.

The already heated chicken sandwich wars just got even hotter. Burger King announced it will offer a new sandwich — the Ch'King — June 3. Will a winner ever emerge in this fast food fight?

Some of the best U.S. restaurants are 86ing meat from their menus. What's this about and are other restaurants going to follow suit?

This banana chicken casserole defined Swedish cuisine in th 1970s and is still a beloved classic today.

If you think monkfish looks a bit like a monster, we're right there with you. But there's also a reason this fish is known as the poor man's lobster. It tastes pretty frickin' delicious.

Scallops are one of the easiest seafood dishes to prepare at home, though there are some tricks to getting it right.

Originally created for England's King George IV, A.1. sauce is still beloved by connoisseurs all over the world, though it isn't just for steak anymore.

These eight foods are banned in at least some, if not all, of the states in America. Have you tried any of them?

The Swedish tradition called Lördagsgodis is a celebration of all things sugary – and it happens every single weekend.

Amateur mycologists abound and do-it-yourself mushroom growing kits are all the worldwide rage today. Find out how you too can get started growing your own edible mushrooms.

Canada has given the world many sweet inventions and treats, from baseball bats to poutine, but the Nanaimo bar may just be one of Canada's best-kept secrets.

If you do this tonight, you'll be all set tomorrow morning with a healthy and delicious breakfast.

Just three ingredients make up the iconic Tabasco hot sauce, and if you want to know when the pepper is ready for harvesting, be sure to check the red stick!

Aspic might not be the most crave-worthy of culinary creations, but it does inspire a sort of cultlike devotion among ardent supporters.

Uh-oh! The boba supply chain is the latest to dry up during the pandemic, and that's bad news for those of us fond of the delicious Taiwanese tea-based drink.

You know both names but do you know how they're different?

Tired of cooking every meal at home every day? We get it. And are here with ways to make dinnertime simple again.

It is raw beef, after all, so there's a natural tendency to shy away from eating steak tartare. But don't be afraid. You can eat it.

Nuts are born, dry roasted and salted, in a can on the grocery store shelf, right? Not exactly. You might be surprised at what they look like before humans get ahold of them.

A beloved ingredient in British children's literature, treacle has a long, sweet history. Let's dip in.

These steaks are touted as some of the best you can buy. They're expensive — and huge. But are they worth the high price tag?

This grassy herb adds a bright, floral kick to many Asian dishes, from curries and soups to stews and teas. It can even be used to repel insects.

It's slimy, stringy and even quite pungent, but natto is also chock full of nutrients. So what is this superfood that's been a staple in Japan for thousands of years?

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Bonus: OEM health apps

Price: Free (usually)

Several phone manufacturers have health tracker apps. The biggest ones include Samsung Health, Google Fit, and LG Health. Samsung Health and Google Fit in particular are pretty good. They keep track of things like steps and calories. Both apps also integrate with Samsung smart watches and Wear OS watches, respectively. They can also set goals, keep track of things like your weight and give you some motivational quotes if that helps you. These apps are usually free and come pre-installed on most Samsung, Google, and LG phones. However, you can get Google Fit for any device that runs Google Android (basically anything not from China or Amazon).

Thank you for reading! Try these out too:

If we missed any great health apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!