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Lemon cream tart

Lemon cream tart

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We start with the cream for the first time: whole eggs (that's how I put them this time) together with the sugar were mixed until they became a cream, we add the starch and a pinch of salt and we homogenize. After they have all been mixed well, add the milk, stirring constantly. The composition is set on fire. Let it boil until it reaches the consistency of ciulama. At the end we put the grated lemon peel, the lemon juice and the butter rubbed a little before. Homogenize and let cool.

Dough: In a bowl put the flour, sugar and baking powder and knead "dry" until all are incorporated. It will result in a crumbly dough, add the egg, mix, add water and mix. Leave the dough to cool for at least half. the hour.

Assembly: in a tray with a detachable bottom (I used a cake) we put the dough that was stretched before, we form its edges. Add lemon cream to it. On top we put dough forms (according to preference). Bake the tart for 30 minutes (when the edges are brown, the tart is ready).

Good appetite!