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Krem a la Krem cake and 4 years of our site

Krem a la Krem cake and 4 years of our site

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The first time he prepares leaf: beat the egg whites hard with a pinch of salt, add a tablespoon of sugar, mixing well after each one, then add the yolks one by one, mixing further. At the end, add the Creme Ole powder, gradually, mixing well but at low speed until smooth.

In a tray of suitable size, lined with baking paper, pour the composition and level, then put in the preheated oven for about 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees. The top is baked if when you press it with your finger and the recess disappears immediately. If the recess remains, it must be left in the oven for a while. When ready, allow the countertop to cool.

For cream: mix the whipped cream with the milk in a bowl, add the vanilla oil cream powder and mix for a few minutes until the cream hardens. Spread over the cooled countertop and level then refrigerate.

For glaze: Melt the chocolate together with the butter and whipped cream in a saucepan over a suitable heat on the stove or in a bowl in the microwave oven, mix the ingredients well, and at the end add the blueberries. Pour the icing over the cooled cake, then put it back in the fridge until the icing hardens.

Portion and serve. I guarantee you that you can't stop for a bit :)

Good appetite!

Attention from Okian

the Wizard Ruben managed to retrieve all 93 comments, lost during the transfer of the blog from one server to another. I am very grateful to him. I would have been sorry to lose him for good. In other words, I received two emails from two people contesting my decision to award the prize following a draw. I do not want to apologize because I assume that ALL participants in this story are equally well-intentioned. It is not a literary creation contest or a culinary creation contest. I asked for a simple thing, each of the participants paid the requirements as he thought was best. I will not comment further but I have a question, rhetorical, of course: if it does not seem fair to you to be appointed by an impartial software that gives you the same chance as others, how does it seem fair to leave your chances to Findings to a single person, who will give them to you or not, depending on some subjective criteria?

Since we have enough time until Monday, I am waiting for your opinion related to the award system on the adihadean address at gmail dot com. My reply to the emails will come on Monday on the blog. We have a choice between the objectivity of the robot and my subjectivity.

I have closed the post comments. I received 93 stories from you, some with links. Thank you very much and how beautiful you can be satisfied :). Tomorrow (January 21) I will put your name in a table and put a program to extract a number. The name next to that number will be the name of the person who will receive the book. I will not announce the winner until Monday morning. Have a nice weekend. Good night.

Servus. Friends from Okian have a gift for one of my readers. I mean for one of you. It is a gift that will benefit both the recipient and those he loves. Because, precisely, he will cook for them, his loved ones (or hers, as I know well, most of my readers are women), inspired by this gift. Yes, it is a book, a well-done, complex work, valuable both as an object and as a baggage of stored knowledge.

Culinary encyclopedia (1) & # 8211 where we conclude that other volumes will follow & # 8211 can be found here, if you want to buy it, along with many other great books about food and making it. You can find almost 700 recipes in this book. It's something.

Last time I challenged you to write about the smaller or bigger disasters you faced in the kitchen (or the ones you caused). This time it's different. This time I invite you to tell me about a dish that you made and that you are proud of. It should not be your invention but a success that you remember, possibly that your family (or friends) also remembers. If you have links that lead to some pictures (whether they are actually posted on your blog), it's very good, I receive, if not, it's not bad, the story is enough and I'll take your word for it.

At the end of the day (ie at 23.oo, 20.01 2011, so as not to fall asleep after midnight) I will close the comments and tomorrow I will announce the name of the person who will receive the book. In order to become eligible, you must post a comment on the subject, have an e-mail address and an address to which you will receive the book (in case you are the chosen person), on the Romanian territory. I have a feeling it's going to be an interesting day. One more thing: if I don't respond to the comments of this post, it means that I have several reasons, among them not being the one that I don't care, on the contrary, I care, but this time I will follow you from the sidelines. Thank you very much and good writing.

I only tell you one thing: be healthy!


[& # 8230] This post was mentioned on Twitter by fulgerica and Adrian Hadean. Adrian Hadean said: 23 hours available for a food story. award a book with nearly 700 recipes from @okian [& # 8230]

It is very difficult to find good cabbage in the winter months. I found her!

Fluffy, bright green, only good for the "smoked" cabbage that I cooked as follows.

I cut caizer (150 gr.) Into smaller pieces, and browned them in a deeper pan with a little oil. Over the sizzling caiser I threw a chopped onion and waited for it to brown so I could add 3 tomatoes that I peeled and a finely chopped carrot.

I left the miracle on medium heat for about 15 minutes - enough time to cut the cabbage and rub it with salt.

Lightly, I gathered the cabbage over the hot mixture, poured a cup of water after it and let it simmer for no more than 30 minutes.

I colored them with parsley leaves and tomato slices.

The picture is where the link on my name is :)

Hi Adi. I also cooked a food that I am especially proud of. After my wife told you about & # 8222 smoked cabbage & # 8221, I decided to write about how I made sarmalute. I hope it is not against the rules to write both, the idea is that we are both & # 8222 great chefs & # 8221, we like and cook :)

Winter, cold, holidays… sarmalute!

I cooked sarmale a few times and each time they got better. I will continue to tell you how they came out last time.

* a sauerkraut (and because I didn't put pickled cabbage, I bought it from "Putina soacrei" - meaning from the supermarket)
* pork pulp (400g)
* pork breast (150g)
* a piece of kaizer
* a cup of rice (with round grain)
* 4 medium onions
* 3 carrots
* 2 tablespoons tomato paste

I cut 2 onions, carrots and hardened them on a drop of sunflower oil together with two tablespoons of tomato paste.

I made the meat into very small cubes, I put the other two onions on it (destroyed in the robot), I salted / peppered it and I mixed the whole thing with the frying pan from the previous sentence.

The cabbage from the supermarket was a bit salty (ok, too salty) - which made me put it in the water the night before.

This is where the sarmaliada started (the whole process that gives headaches at the beginning and makes the sarmales look so in the picture below, there is also an example of broken wire - you do them better than me: -) )

I want to mention that the sarmalutes were in the pot on 2-3 layers of kaizer and chopped sauerkraut (the idea to put kaizer in the pot I borrowed from Cristi with whom I once set up a sarmaliada - thank you very much!) . I poured the water just boiled, just enough to cover the sarmales.

On low heat - 1 hour and a half.

Potato with or without cream :-)

simple pasta with tomato sauce and tuna, but I added parmesan to the sauce and together with the durum wheat pasta they came out very good.

From the tastes of childhood, a little story, a little food & # 8230
I spent most of my childhood with my grandparents, in the country, somewhere here, in Moldova. I was lucky, not only because I grew up sprinting and free, but also because I had extraordinary teachings from my grandparents, who were very special people. I will always remember them fondly and I don't think there is a day when I don't remember how many events related to them or something learned from them.
A few days ago, looking at the recently discovered apricot, and in which I felt like Alice in Wonderland, I came across dried and smoked plum eyes. Like Mr. Proust with his & # 8222madlena & # 8221, I was instantly transported to another time, when my grandfather was cooking a great meal of these plums & # 8211 slightly annoying the terracotta stove, we saw the round, golden polenta in the middle of the table, and Tataia proudly putting his famous plum food on his plates, telling us how he found this recipe while he was making his army in Turda. I remembered the taste, and the texture, and suddenly I came back to the present with the desire to feel that taste in reality, so I went back and bought half a kilogram of plums.
I also took some beef muscle, about half a kilogram and I could not wait to get home to start cooking. On the way, my mother called me and I told her what I was going to do. We felt her shed tears amid exclamations of enthusiasm & # 8211 that we miss her & # 8211 and we started laughing telling us how we grimaced at all those sweet foods Dad had learned to make when he was making the army at Turda. At all, except the smoked plum food.
I got home, soaked the plums in a bowl of water, changed the water once and picked up the tails and other impurities. I cut the meat into cubes & # 8222 as a healthy mouthful & # 8221 and put it in a pot with a little oil and browned it a little on top, with a cumin powder, a pepper powder and a salt powder. . I put a few more onions, which I waved only an idea, then I bathed everything with plenty of red wine. I left it for almost an hour, when it dropped, I also put the plums and I made a rantas with flour in a little hot oil, then quenched with tomato paste, which I easily incorporated into the food. The polenta was also made next to it. Then I caramelized some sugar and added it over the plum meal, mixed and it was ready.
It was very good and I felt like a child again enjoying a portion. I would have sent it to my mother as well. Anyway, I promised to do it for them when I go home.

Yesterday or the day before yesterday I saw this book on a store shelf. I flipped through it a bit and seemed to wink at me & # 8230anu: D

The best dessert (and I think the only one) was foust double mousse. With strawberries, pineapple (pineapple + cream is an easy visual combination & # 8230 unpleasant: D), with kiwi, berries and almost everything else I had around the house. Every time it came out sensational.

And food & # 8230 I marinated a pork muscle in wine, orange juice + pomegranate juice, cloves, star anise and other dubious spices. After about four days of marinating, I put it in the oven for about an hour. Along with a sauce made with gorgonzola, it turned out better than I imagined, the diners declaring themselves satisfied: D

Hi, This summer I stayed a few days at Mount Athos, on which occasion I found out the following wonderful recipe that I will reveal below. I hope you like it and do it as soon as possible.
Agioritiki Melizanes (Stuffed eggplants like Mount Athos)

4 medium-sized and straight eggplants, 2 bell peppers (preferably differently colored), 2-3 chubby tomatoes, a clove of garlic, 3 onions, a bunch of oregano (or a tablespoon of dried oregano), a bunch of basil, a bunch of thyme, salt and pepper to taste, 1/2 cup for. coffee with extra virgin olive oil (I use an extra virgin olive oil in which I ripen some hot peppers and a bunch of basil), 300 gr. feta

Cut the eggplant tails briefly, peel the zebra and split them in half. Scald for a few minutes until soft enough. Remove the core. In a frying pan, heat the oil with a few cloves of garlic cut into larger pieces, add the onion and brown until the onion becomes yellow and glassy (2-3 minutes), not brown and burnt. Add the diced tomatoes, the chopped pepper. finely, eggplant core salt, pepper to taste, oregano and thyme. Cook for 6-7 minutes until the composition softens. Add the basil and leave a little on the fire. Grease a tray with oil, place the eggplants and fill them with the resulting composition. Sprinkle parsley and feta cubes on top. Cover it with aluminum foil and bake for 45 minutes.
Kali Orexi as the Greeks say

I made a lot of food that I can be proud of, but I had the last achievements last weekend, when, being alone at home, I kind of messed around in the kitchen. I went out to buy some fruit for an ice cream, but on the way I hit 2 boxes of mascarpone and I said not to avoid them, and try a tiramisu. and I made a tiramisu and a fruit ice cream, a wonder. to test them, I invited some friends to visit me in the evening. I could barely save a few slices of tiramisu so I could serve them to my family on my return. it was a real success, as was the fruit ice cream.

It's not food, it's dessert, but it's the only thing I remember with the greatest pleasure that it was cooked for me. I'm glad I can at least share the joy it caused me, because the great & # 8222gate & # 8221 was once made when there weren't so many cameras, so I have no proof :(

On St. Andrew's Day, in a year when I was at school, my mother read those magazines & # 8222Femeia & # 8221, & # 8222Ioana & # 8221, & # 8222Familia mea & # 8221 etc. and she finds a gingerbread recipe there. And how my day was approaching anyway, what is she thinking, to make me a recipe that she found there and from which she really liked the picture. And he worked for her for a while, but he did everything in secret, so that we could only see the final result.

In the evening, after school, what do I see in the room, on the table? My first gingerbread house, with painted doors, decorated windows, chimney roof, painted, beautiful fire! I felt sorry for her, how I could ruin her, she was beautiful & # 8230

It's the most beautiful tasting gift I've ever received and in a way I'm glad I can keep the memory alive at least in my mind, even if I don't have a picture.

Is the contest still valid? At the end of which day does it end? January 19 or 20?
If it's still valid, I'd like to be a little proud of a lemon cake, prepared last year for St. Joseph's Day, my father's name day. The cake was a success for several reasons. It was the first time I made biscuits, thin, individual and lemon cream, which I always thought with fear of being cut. In addition, my father was extremely excited because the lemon cream has been dear to him since childhood. And last but not least, the taste was sensational! Here you can see pictures and the complete recipe:

You can lick your fingers, ..or what Paris didn't eat.
The appetite and inspiration for this recipe come from 2 sources:
first, a winter evening, when it was snowing like in the story, we (my sister and I) were small, small, we both fit on a sleigh pulled by my father, when my mother put 2 chicks in paper bags in the oven after which he anointed well with oil and then all four of us went out in the white wonder when we entered the house, crouched and with red noses the chicks were ready to drop the meat on them.

the second: the wonderful book by Radu Anton Roman, & # 8222 Romanian dishes, wines and customs & # 8221 from which I found out the magical herbs that the chicken rubs with and the miracles in the oven that the pork fat makes.

Heat the oven. Wash and clean the chicken, then wipe well. Mix 3 and a half tablespoons of fat with salt, pepper and dried parsley.

Grease the tray on all the walls and the bottom with a spoonful of grease and place the branches or skewer sticks like a grid (I initially went out to clear the garden of the block when I remembered that I had sticks in a drawer: P), on which to place the chick.

Grease the chicken everywhere with the aromatic fat, crush the garlic cloves with the knife blade and pour them into the chicken. Put the chicken in the bag or wrap it in baking paper, and top with the remaining fat. Pour a cup of water into the pan.

Put in the oven after the following typical: the first 15 minutes on high heat, then on medium to low heat. we leave it for about 1 hour and 45 minutes (depending on how big the animal is) without walking to it after time passes, we take it out of the oven, we put the bag or the baking paper down, taking care that all the fat in it flows on the chicken (By this time the chicken is ready, and the meat should start to come off the bones. We leave the chicken for 1 minute in the oven over high heat and another 2 in the oven turned off, to catch color.

It is eaten with the fingers, with garlic sauce and pickled gogonici. I didn't have time to make potatoes.

I forgot to pass the ingredients: P
1 chicken
a tablespoon of the following: pepper, coarse salt, dried parsley
3 cloves of garlic
sticks (fence or skewer)
paper bag or baking paper
essential ingredient: 5 tablespoons lard (for fine noses can be replaced with butter or oil, but it will not be the same)

1. Let's start with an appetizer - I think the most successful come out: corn salad (canned corn, boiled chicken, pickled cucumbers cut into small cubes and homemade mayonnaise), cauliflower salad (cauliflower and broccoli in equal amounts steamed , lightly browned bacon, goat's milk, sour cream and homemade mayonnaise in equal quantities, with lots of fresh parsley), turkey meatball, spinach pie and feta.
2. Fry the pork & # 8211 , one honey, two mustard and the favorite spices with which I rub the meat on all sides), then let it sit for about half an hour, then go to the tray where I put only red wine and cover with aluminum foil) from time to time twist the piece of meat should be well penetrated on all sides and when it is done inside (I check with a spike so that no more blood flows) I take out the foil and put the uncooked washed garlic and let it brown a little. It melts in your mouth (it's also the favorite of the prince consort, of course!) And goes with any garnish.
There would also be pasta with cheese sauce (noble & # 8211 from you I learned) and spinach (I would eat unknowingly).
3. And dessert, everything works out very well for me, but tiramisu & # 8211 that I don't make with raw eggs, I make them a beau-marine cream before and I also put whiskey cream and a little irish cream coffee powder in the composition (it's bestial!) and cake with chocolate and orange cream, which has become the No. 2 favorite, see here:
I like to cook anytime, anything, I like to delight everyone around me with all my culinary experiments and I also have wonderful sources of inspiration: see this blog.

On New Year's Eve we had the greatest success with an apple cake and burnt sugar cream. I kept thinking about what to do, something of an effect, sophisticated & # 8230.that word to put everyone on their backs: D but & # 8230.through & # 8222wonder & # 8221 I ended up making a simple apple cake improved with Creme brulee. This proves to me once again that sometimes simple things are the best. I took the recipe from Mihaela

There was a time when I really liked to cook, unfortunately that time has passed :) and the main culprit for this is time.
It is known that we Romanians are great lovers of & # 8222soups & # 8221, so about 3 years ago I made a pea soup with sausages according to a recipe from a magazine. At first, I have to admit, I thought it was quite interesting to combine peas, lemons and sausages in a soup and I was trying to figure out how it would turn out. The end result was really good, the delicious soup was immediately enjoyed by everyone. (I had invited some friends)

When family or friends gather at the table, everything is a success, even if the food is made for the first time in that version, even if it doesn't come out as a recipe. I think so and then here you will see the culinary story of a meeting at my home with teammates :) It was an evening beautiful. All the best.

I love to cook and this is my favorite recipe, which the whole family loves :)

Good morning ,
Very nice contest!
My recipe is PLUM GALUSTE.
Ingredients: 5 boiled and crushed potatoes, a cup of flour, a pinch of salt, an egg, two tablespoons of olive oil. They are all troubled. A sticky dough is obtained, cinnamon is added for flavor.
Peel the plums and mix with 2.3 tablespoons of brown sugar and cinnamon and leave for 20 minutes. Then the dough is made into small discs in which you put half of the plum and shape it carefully. Put 2 tablespoons of sugar in boiling water and simmer for 7.8 minutes on low heat.
I prepared the breadcrumbs from very tasty Tarraluci biscuits in a blender to which I added hazelnuts and almonds and sugar. I pissed them very well.
After they are cooked, roll them in breadcrumbs and eat them with gusto and with friends.
I made them according to your recipe on September 28 and I invited friends to me. I met some of them for the first time as Facebookists. They were very excited about the dumplings and it was a very very successful evening and provoked by the photo I posted on Facebook.
Here's the proof

I prepared for my wife the birthday celebration & # 8230 an explosion of culinary art, party and good cheer. A holiday dedicated to my beloved wife and the Romanian mountain & # 8230 dear friends! You also receive friends if not the taste then at least the presentation & # 8230. hahahah, may you be fine!

Food preparation is a chore. It's like having sex with your wife or husband after a while. But if you receive love and put love in what you do then everything turns into an explosion of creativity, passion and satisfaction.
Food is a necessity, it provides the necessary & # 8230 for the body in its struggle for survival in this harsh world. Love does the same for our souls. If you have love then you can turn a crust of bread or a potato into a & # 8221 beef Wellington & # 8221 main course of lords, or a & # 8221 stuffed chicken leggss & # 8230 & # 8221 main course of Manhattan restaurants. & # 8230 Thank you friends for love, thank you my wife for her love, this is the main ingredient of my recipes.
I should reward this love with expensive gifts, gold and diamonds with other rewards specific to the Romanian capitalist economy. I chose, the communist in me, to decorate your & # 8230.plates & # 8230 with & # 8230. beetroot hearts. Enjoy them and with them everything on me. I will pooop and love you all!
See on my facebook page the album & # 8222Let s do it Romania let s do it for Stela & # 8222 ...

Don't talk too much, I'll tell you (I don't know how to take pictures!) A recipe I know from my uncle. thaw a packet of foil in the evening. On the same day or whenever you have time (the surplus can freeze!) from a kg. of minced meat you want, two or three chopped onions, pepper, thyme salt or other favorite flavors is made in the pan (wok) a mix that is first fried to break up the minced meat but later becomes boiled because tomato juice and red wine are added to taste. This mix is ​​left on the fire until the liquid drops almost completely. by: peasant parizer (a large slice cut into 2 or 4 pcs.), thin slices of pickled cucumber, or pickled donut, as well as larger slices of cheese (or parmesan!) and one or two beaten eggs (for greased). Now it's now !! The assembly comes something like this: from the puff pastry dough is cut into squares with a side of about 20 cm, it is divided, imaginary, into two triangles and on one of them is placed a slice of parizer, over it a spoonful of boiled minced meat composition, then the cucumber or the donut and on top of the cheese slice. Fold the puff pastry in a triangle, seal it well with a fork, grease it with beaten egg and to make it look even better, sprinkle grated cheese, sesame poppy seeds or anything else will come for a while. The triangles are baked in the preheated oven until well browned. They are served with any garnish you want or just with ketchup. 8222assembled & # 8221at the moment! Good appetite to those who try it! We also eat the tray in which they bake!

& # 8230 that Valentine's Day is still coming

I can't say that I have successful or unsuccessful recipes for food. Although many ingredients ended up in the trash, in one way or another I managed every recipe I tried. But cakes are a disaster. If cookies and muffins are a place of honor in my kitchen, cream cakes are my personal demon. I won't tell you how many egg boxes, how many boxes of sour cream, how many packages of butter ended up in the trash in an attempt to draw at least a cream cake recipe. I never know how to appreciate when the yolk cream is bound and I manage to miraculously cut the cream when I add one last ingredient. But two years ago I tried very, very hard to make a cream cake recipe (maybe commonplace for many) that I had madly liked in someone and that I wanted to reproduce to eat until I feel sick (which I couldn't do it because I had surgery at the table and I only managed to eat liquids for a week, but that's another story). Although the top came out a bit crooked, the cream was perfect, it had a velvety and creamy texture that we hoped to get. I was very proud and in order not to attract my bad luck, I haven't tried to recover it since then, but I always salivated with the thought of her. Here is the link, I wrote about it on the blog:

turkey soup: cooked corn meat with vegetables of all kinds (onions, carrots, peppers, peppers) add country borscht as at home, noodles at home, at the end add locusts preferably green as it is more # 8230.and now the coup de grace take a soup polish in a bowl let it cool a bit and add a glass of sour cream and 2 eggs and beat very well, all this mixture is added to the pot with soup and after all this good appetite! (It is not my invention but it is a food that works very well for me and the whole family agrees.)

hmmm, which one to say, which one to say ?!
I don't know her name, so I'm not saying.
I used it like this: 2 raw beets, 2 cans of canned tuna, garlic (about 3 puppies), yogurt (for the eyes), some olive oil, some salt, a little vinegar, glue.
I put the beets in the oven (about 1 hour, 1.5 hours), then I took them out, let them cool, cleaned them and put them on the grater. I put over it a mixture made of a tablespoon of vinegar, a brown sugar, 1-2 olive oil and some water, after which I mixed them with a little dill.
After that, I opened the canned tuna, removed the liquid from them and put them over the beet salad, leaving larger pieces of tuna.
Then, I cleaned the garlic, crushed it and put some salt on it and then rubbed it with a wooden spoon (much like it is made in mujdei) until it became a paste. I put some olive oil and continued to mix, then I put yogurt, quite a lot, until I filled a bowl of soup approximately (you know by taste if it's too little or too much, depending on the garlic that burns or no), after which I put some dill.
After that, I poured this yogurt sauce with garlic over the beets and tuna. It forms a good paste to grease on the stick or bread or eaten directly with a spoon or next to another dish. We ate with glue.
About this (my friend was impressed :), I'm glad that I experimented with another recipe and look)
Good appetite!

& # 8221 Millers' Dinner & # 8221 & # 8230. it's a food my baby ate at a medieval restaurant in Baia Mare. It impressed him!
So & # 8230. I had to make it at home. I didn't taste it, but I knew the ingredients. I waited for the family to reunite and set to work.
Ingredients for 4 servings (so according to eyes and taste):
& # 8211 1 kg. pig brain,
& # 8211 about 200 grams of smoked bacon,
& # 8211 4 pieces of pork muscle so thicker,
& # 8211 salt,
& # 8211 pepper,
& # 8211 some chopped greens (side: dill, parsley)
I cut the pork muscle like a pocket (I made an opening in one side and cut it inside), I beat it a little to thin it.
I fried the brain seasoned with salt and pepper to taste and mixed it with the greens. I mixed the fried brain with the smoked bacon and cut it into pieces and filled & # 8222 the pockets & # 8221 of the pork muscle with this content.
I sewed the mouth of the pocket with toothpicks so that the contents would not flow and I put them in a heat-resistant dish in which I put a little oil and put them in the heated oven. I kept them there for about 30-35 minutes (during which time I turned them from side to side). I kept them at 180 degrees.
The point is, people are licking their fingers. I ate it with cheese and bacon filling because I'm not a fan of pork brains. It can be served with a garnish of natural potatoes or anything else you like.
I have pictures, but I didn't put them on the blog because I didn't have time to take the final picture. :) When I put them on the plate, I forgot to take pictures and then it was too late, because I didn't have anything left. :))

I usually make meat recipes and my wife makes dessert and what is with dough (division of labor in the kitchen *).
What I cooked was good and remained in the memory of my wife and those who tasted it. & # 8230 & # 8230
There would be some pizza recipes, after my wife prepares the dough (see the star above), the steaks, especially the turkey with beetroot that I borrowed from you on the site but this is another story that you I wrote at that post. However, a little mention:
when I took the beets out of the oven, my wife and friends invited to dinner had a restraint, they hadn't eaten anything like that, they just wanted to taste it, probably not to offend me because they didn't try. After 2 tried dishes, I want to say that they couldn't stop eating, we almost didn't have enough 2 beets.

Let me tell you now the recipe with which I congratulated my wife in the morning after a night in which the little girl cried a lot.
Leaving you from the site I arrived at and from there I wanted to make eggs Eggs Benedict and I arrived at final point from where I got to work.

It was morning, his wife was still sleeping after a night of crying and waking up often. I took the laptop, went to the kitchen and got to work.

2 boiling eggs put in 2 cups greased with butter 2 bunches of cauliflower and 2 bunches of broccoli put in steamer 10 min.
2 thicker slices of ham pierced in the pan without oil.
So far, everything is easy, now comes the hard part, as it is written on the respective blog.

Dutch sauce: I put the first 3 yolks on high heat (don't tell anyone), but I didn't beat the other 3 eggs in the fridge, I read better on the blog, I saw where I went wrong and I took them out of the freezer ice cubes and I put them in water to cool the yolks as needed, and it was needed.
I took the yolks, put 3 tablespoons of water and a little balsamic steel. I mixed until all the ingredients were homogenized and put on a steam bath. I slowly incorporated 50 grams of melted butter, a teaspoon of mustard and a few grains of pepper, salt and saffron well beaten in the mortar. This time I got the desired consistency, I toasted 2 more slices of homemade wholemeal bread over which I put the slices of ham and then I turned over already boiled eggs, above the Dutch top 1 broccoli flower and one cauliflower give cups in the plate. It turned out very well, something special and I managed to make my wife a pleasant day, automatically for me.
To be healthy!

As a child, I loved almonds. There was something between that crusty sugar crust and the thin, well-syrupy top with rum. I was the majority shareholder in the almond production of the confectionery next to me for years. Everything until a moment when I realized that in fact, neither almonds, nor many other desserts are sciences related to quantum and nuclear physics and that you only need a drop of skill and research. We chose and combined from many recipes until what we say came out with nostalgia & # 8222the taste of that time & # 8221. And as always, when sweet experiments are made, there are countless people who want to attend and stand up as guinea pigs.

Hi Adi! I always read you with pleasure, I am inspired by your recipes and I learn from your experience. I see that today is the time to be proud of my dishes too. The end of 2009 was the year in which I started to cook, until then I was not very interested in the subject, but the appearance of love in my life made me creative from this point of view as well. The biggest surprise for me and my husband was that the food was good every time, especially when we were cooking together. The greatest joy was when our first bread came out well. Something simple, but sometimes indispensable, which matters if it is salty enough, to be grown, soft enough, if it has stuck, if it has browned too much. D The first bread was a great achievement, I felt like a child looking at the beauty and goodness of the bread has steam blowing warmth and joy. This is our bread that filled us with joy then: Since then the breads have come out maybe more beautiful, but all this has remained in our memory :) Health and good luck in all !

This salad was born on a warm Saturday in June, along with a trip to the market and a crazy craving for crunchy vegetables.

I started with a salad of spinach, arugula and strawberries, but as a nice old woman explained to me at the market, in a crushed Romanian, I don't like spinach hot. And the rocket was never found.

We took everything that caught our eye, we made the final selection only before the empty and impatient bowl. I mixed about 300gr.of sweet and very fragrant strawberries cut in half with a lettuce and created, broken into pieces. I also broke the sorrel (about a full fist) with my hand, so as not to lose the sour juice when cutting with the knife. I cut the pieces and a piece of mozzarella (approx. 200g) and, very importantly, I added a handful of cashews for extra crunchiness. I boiled two eggs and threw them in the increasingly colorful construction of the salad. I added some cumin seeds for flavor.

In an excess of zeal, I added the juice of half a lemon instead of vinegar, and a few teaspoons of olive oil to make the salad go smoothly.

The big dilemma of our salad was whether to add the carefully selected Oltenian tomatoes from the market, radishes and cucumbers. We decided unanimously that they would enter into a conflict of jealousy with the strawberries. In addition, it is important for a salad to be as varied as possible, but the number of ingredients must be limited in order for everyone to keep their personality.

Separately, I fried a few slices of fresh pork leg, which I seasoned well with salt, pepper and oregano. I sprinkled it with a few drops of olive oil for succulence and lemon juice for… chips.

The next day we had special guests at the table and prepared another portion of salad. The raised eyebrows turned into murmurs of approval, which leads me to believe that our strawberry, sorrel and mozzarella summer salad is a real hit.

Ingredients (for two people):

* strawberries 400gr.
* half a lettuce
* a handful of sorrel
* mozzarella 200 gr.
* caju 50gr.
* two boiled eggs
* path
* half a lemon

Hi, Adi :). The food is actually a dessert, a simple Christmas cake, with dried fruits and various nuts, according to preference, syrupy with cherries :). I did it for New Year's Eve, everyone liked it. In fact, I think it's the kind of sweet that can't be ignored :). This is the cake:

For some time now, my husband and I have started watching gastronomic shows longer (and not only) with more interest. That's for two reasons. One is that our daughter has a rather too limited range (for her almost 4 years) of food she consumes and does not even want to taste anything new, and the second reason is that we had the opportunity to test culinary habits from other parts of the continent, namely Scandinavia. In short, we decided to prepare a completely new dish every weekend. My husband takes care of the main course, and I take care of the dessert. The most memorable and successful dessert prepared by me was the TATIN TARTA WITH APPLES that I found on Gabriela's blog (Cara & # 8211 I hope I'm not mistaken for the name). I have once again prepared desserts with apples, but in this combination with burnt sugar, puff pastry and vanilla cream never. I can't reproduce here the reaction of my loved ones (and mine of course) to the enticing smells that came out of the oven and then the moans of pleasure to the extraordinary taste of the tart. I think that, in no other food, my taste buds have ever been so ecstatic. Excuse me, I have to close because it was raining in my mouth & # 8230 :)

I wanted to test how to prepare food & # 8222gatita domol & # 8221 (slow cooking), but I didn't have the necessary equipment.

I improvised directly in the oven (in a tray covered with aluminum foil) and cooked some pork that, after almost 5 hours in the sauna, became fluffier than fish meat. The sauna was supposed to have cider steam, but in the absence of some excellent apple juice I put in some vinegar. All apples.

My pig was not with the apple in his mouth, but the poor man ended up in a bun, also made in my oven. It was also prepared traditionally, but according to other traditions, not the Romanian ones :)

The whole story is generously hosted by Victor's & # 8222chifteluta & # 8221:

What goodies and what beautiful stories!
As I always liked to receive guests and cook good things, I could almost make a cookbook only with the recipes tested on my friends, not at all upset by the role of & # 8222cobai & # 8221. Various salads (especially popular are potato salad with fish and curry, which for over 20 years has not been missing from any party with friends, rice salad, lentil salad and, more recently, quinoa salad), stuffed eggs , always different, Rothschild snails (of dough, with ham filling), various mixtures of cheese and assorted meats. And then come the sweets. Some made to order (my culinary library has almost 100 books), others adapted or even invented by me. I could write here about the cake created last year for my 95-year-old aunt & # 8211 made of meringue, chestnut cream, amaretti, fruit and chocolate sauce, I gave the recipe and the picture when I was invited by Tanti Jeni to & # 8222Cantina socială & # 8221, here is the link
But today I would like to give another recipe, the newest. It's a freshly created fruit cake that my friends liked so much that I had to give them a portion at home! :)
I used sponge cake with cocoa, ready-made. There were four rectangular sheets, for which I used three & # 8222 creams & # 8221. The first & # 8222cream & # 8221 is made of cherries, strawberries, red currants, all taken out of the freezer, thawed and well drained, then hardened with a tablespoon of butter and a little sugar. I kept some of the fruit separately and added them when the others were almost ready for flavor. I left the cream cold and started the second one (actually, I made them at about the same time). I hardened, in another pan, a few cleaned, finely chopped apples with a handful of raisins, a tablespoon of butter, a little sugar. I added cinnamon for flavor. Before it cooled, I made the third cream, needed as a & # 8222 binder & # 8221. Because I didn't want a heavy cream, I mixed about 200 g of cottage cheese sifted with 100 g of butter and about two tablespoons of vanilla powdered sugar. I built the cake, that is, I syruped the first sheet (as syrup I used the juice drained from the red fruits, boiled with a little sugar), I greased it with white cream, I put half of the red fruit cream, on the second countertop, also in syrup, greased with white cream, I put the apple cream, then again a countertop with white cream and red fruit cream. I covered it with the fourth countertop (I didn't syrup it) and I wrapped the cake in a ganache for which I melted 100 g of chocolate in a glass of unbeaten cream, I mixed it well, I left it to cool, then I whipped foam. There's some work to be done on this cake, but it's worth it! I have a picture somewhere, but not in this computer. However, the taste is more spectacular than the appearance!

My story has an oriental flavor and student nostalgia. Two years ago I was in Germany with a scholarship, and among foreigners and many friends from many nations, I had an Egyptian friend who cooked for me from time to time, with many spices brought directly from Egypt. After I returned to the country, he sent me some packages of the wonderful spices and then I decided to recreate a recipe of his, the story here: studentesti.html. I learned that food sprinkled with drops of affection and nostalgia unites people hundreds of miles away.

How a small gesture can turn into a major surprise.

Last week was Mother's Day, so we started looking for her and buying the presents, because on the weekend we would gather the whole family to celebrate her properly.
Everything was going smoothly. My mother started shopping and the menu on Friday night, but as Sunday approached, I felt that something was missing.
That's when I realized that the meal can't be complete without a cake. I flatly refused to take one from the confectionery, so I decided to make a walnut one (an old recipe in our family, a cake I grew up with). Saturday night, together with my friend, I got to work. It was the first time I was cooking something to be served by so many people.
On Sunday morning I took the cake home to my mother. I could not believe how a simple gesture can produce such happiness. Looks like I came up with the idea. All kinds of food was made, including a fruit tart and a cream cheese, but with the cake the menu was now complete.
I think they liked the result. I felt good when everyone praised us for being delicious, but a lot can be said in the family just for encouragement, but for me, the greatest joy was when the cake disappeared completely from the plate and from the plates on the table.
I know I'm an amateur in the kitchen, but such events make me keep writing on the blog, maybe what I do is something for some people.

The amateur chef wants you to have the best day possible!

PS: the recipe and the pictures with the cake can be found on the blog at

For several months, since I bought a bowl of embarrassment, I have specialized in fruit tarts in various combinations. The most successful was one of the first experiments :) which included in addition to the usual dough the following layers of fruit: a first layer of apple slices, a layer of grapes cut in half, white and black, a generous layer of raspberries and then a handful of large and sweet blackberries thrown carelessly. Above I made an artistic model from a few strands of dough, scribbled with a beaten egg. The sweet smell and sweet taste made the tart disappear quickly, being consumed by lust called by the smell :))

As a student, the key word is improvisation. Not necessarily for lack of material resources, but for lack of time. Shopping takes time, cooking & # 8230 and more! That is why, since 3 years ago, when I arrived in Cluj, I can brag that I have come to cook very well, and cooking has become for me the main passion, without a trace of a joke.

Of the dishes I'm proud of (and no, it's not something exquisite or extremely laborious, but it's my invention!) I'd like to mention here what I call & # 8222 chicken breast caressed with curry and topped with kapia pepper sauce and cheese & # 8221. Well, maybe nothing out of the ordinary, but everyone who tasted this miracle said they would like more. The idea is that you behave nicely with the chicken pieces, brown them moderately in a little oil, carefully press the spices, after, I had forgotten before, put curry over the meat anyway. After browning well, add the strips of kapia pepper put in the freezer (ie baked kapia, as they come), cut to medium size, so that you can eat lightly afterwards. Finally, after the taste of the kapia already befriends that of the cooked meat, add simple cheese cubes, which are played through the wok (I make them in the wok) until they blend with all the others, ie in the end it will be a kind of chicken cubes wrapped in cheese, along with kapia baked peppers.

I'm telling you, it's a miracle and it doesn't take long. And so that no one is upset, that someone else can make this food, I rectify: I will not be the first to cook this, but I am very proud of the discovery anyway! :)

My great culinary success is lasagna. But to understand why I brag about it, I have to explain the context a little.
I'm a student and because I don't have my mother next to me to cook for me, I took her downstairs with the cooking. For a while I was very proud that I learned to make polenta (I'm still proud) because it seemed very complicated. There are many recipes that I still don't stick to, either because I don't have time, between work and school, or because they seem complicated to me (for example, rice: until a few days ago, when you presented it in a recipe, it seemed like a total mystery to me and I didn't want a watery thing to come out).
But, from time to time, I feel like playing. So it was with lasagna. I chose it on the one hand because I had never eaten before, on the other because it seemed quite laborious, so it promised to be funny. It all started with serious documentation, because there are dozens of variants on the internet and it gets a little confusing at some point. Eventually I made a combination of two recipes, printed out the sheet and went to the kitchen. The most demanding part was boiling the lasagna sheets: carefully, so as not to break them, and only twice at a time. I didn't buy the sauces but I chose to make them myself (where would the fun have been otherwise?). I had too few pots so as I did something, I moved into more plates, washed the pot and moved on to the next step. It took a long time. Very much (about 4 and a half hours). I don't know if this is standard time, but every time I made lasagna, it lasted the same. It was a daring attempt, but the flour that opened my desire to experiment and all the 3 friends who stayed appreciated it (they finished a tray in 2 hours).

since I was 4 years old, every Christmas we helped my mother to decorate the cakes with scotch. I called them keksuri, the recipe being from the sashii whose house was taken care of by my family. It was only this Christmas that I realized why my mother was not very excited about these cakes, when I said that I make them.
the dough is awfully hard to work with, but it smells so incredibly good in the kitchen when you take them out of the oven and they are very tasty.
not even grade 10 at the hardest exam gave me the satisfaction I had when I finished with the cakes:)

:))) It's nice to see how many people follow your blog and how many people cook.
We have been moving from Bucharest for a few months now and now I have to cook much more, almost daily I would say (except for the laziness of certain days). Being in a bone with many nationalities, I thought I had to come with something good BUT specifically Romanian and I remembered the pancakes eaten at TImisoara last year. So I became an expert in Banat pancakes or how I found pancakes & # 8222 pancakes like Ana Lugojana & # 8221. They are bestial because a combination of sweet and salty, the one that amazed my colleagues from the Spanish evening, looked with fear and curiosity at the preparation in question, and some of them had the courage to taste it. I think that there is no greater satisfaction for a trainer (I still can't call myself a chef) than when people take another 2 or 3 servings. Sometimes, the words are said out of politeness, but when people ask for another portion or 2, it is clear that you have no mistakes.
So if you have time for dessert, try some Banat pancakes :)

Hi :)
Honestly I have many quite successful recipes but still if I had to choose (which is not easy)) the recipe I am proud of first of all because they are the best cookies made by me and secondly it is my own recipe: ) is Nutella Cookies & # 8230.PS : my brother and I love Nutella :))
What can I say? they have a delicious Nutella taste, they are slightly soft when they are still warm but then they become slightly crunchy & # 8230and when you take a bite it melts in your mouth and you feel happy :)

· 100 gr butter
· 100 gr brown sugar
· 1 or
· 200 gr Nutella
· 50 ml coffee liqueur with chocolate
· 200 gr flour
· 50 gr cocoa powder
· 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
· ¼ teaspoon baking powder
· ¼ teaspoon baking soda
· 160 gr dark chocolate flakes

1. Preheat the oven to 190.
2. In a bowl mix the flour with cocoa powder, cinnamon, baking powder and baking soda. In another bowl beat the butter with the sugar then incorporate the egg followed by Nutella and the coffee liqueur with chocolate. Incorporate the dry ingredients and mix until smooth. Add 100 g of dark chocolate flakes and mix.
3. Take 1 tablespoon of the dough and place it in a tray lined with baking sheet or greased with butter. Sprinkle 60 gr of dark chocolate flakes on top of the biscuits. Place the biscuits at a distance of 4-5 cm from each other because they will spread and then bake for 9-11 minutes.

My future husband always praises me when I make food, especially for the ones he was NOT used to by his mother. This is how he supports me to develop my own cooking style. I like to cook so I do it whenever I have the opportunity.
So I research, carefully choose the ingredients and improvise :).
One of the recipes that comes out all the time is "Chicken Alfredo Pasta" is a classic so it can be found on the net in many variants. Required ingredients: fresh chicken breast, parmesan and sweet cream.

last year for her birthday, my mother asked me to make her cakes because she didn't have time. I alone made 3 cakes and a cake. best of all, the lemon I made the first time on my own came out. her colleagues were very happy, especially since I am only 23 years old :) and I was very proud of the cake because it was very praised. It's a good fff peach and cottage cheese cake.

Yes, how great today that instead of a delicious recipe from Adi we have almost 50 and probably about a hundred by the end of the day of more and more delicious recipes! I think that the people from Okian will have material for a second volume of the Culinary Encyclopedia only from the posts here!
Congratulations, Adi! You organized a contest and you challenged your readers to write quasi-guest-posts as much as possible. :) An extremely fruitful day on your blog!

I make a variety :) of Chinese food with rice noodles, chicken breast and soy sauce, just about everything I find around the house in terms of vegetables (onions, cabbage, radishes, peppers, cucumbers, whatever) honey in the wok a little enough to brown, simple to make, everyone praised it :) everyone praised it (everyone tasted it so much that I had to take another turn: D)

P.s. I also have a valid address here somewhere :) but we better meet in Cluj :)

Salad soup I don't remember ever liking especially until I got married. My husband generally cooks very well but with lettuce soup he conquered me forever. I've never eaten a better salad soup than the one he made. Eventually I stole her recipe and wrote it down in my diary so from now on I can make it just as good :)

The ingredients are for a small pot of soup because if I make a little, I can't get enough :)

4 heads of salad, 3-4 cloves of garlic, 2 L yogurt (In Baia Mare there is very good quality yogurt), 150 g sour cream, 2 egg yolks, 3-4 tablespoons rice, 2-3 tablespoons flour, salt and pepper.

Wash the salad and cut it into small pieces (not the other way around, but it's nonsense to hang the salad from your mouth :))). Beat the yogurt well in the blender until it becomes a more liquid paste.
Cut the garlic into 4 and fry a little in oil. After it has browned, take the garlic out and add the flour gradually while stirring quickly so that it does not become lumpy. Then gradually add the yogurt, stirring just as quickly. Season with salt and pepper and let the yogurt heat up a bit, then add the salad, which does not need to be squeezed very well with water. Leave until the salad softens and if it seems too thick, you can add a little hot water to thin it.

When the salad is cooked, add the rice. After the rice is cooked, mix the cream with the yolks and gradually pour the soup into the bowl until the cream is hot. Then pour this composition over the soup pot. Let it boil and the soup is ready!

It's a treat! I tell you it's worth a try.

I find it funny that the dish that caused the biggest disaster in the kitchen is the one that generated the most success. After the first unsuccessful attempt I repeated the experience more carefully and I managed to get the best Boeuf Bourguignon I have ever eaten. My mother, sister and my friend also tasted it and they were all really excited. I can say with my heart that this dish is the one that offers me the highest dose of satisfaction both from the point of view of the chef and from the perspective of the one who eats.

About a week ago, one evening, I was thinking about what to do for the next day. And looking around the pantry, the idea came to me to make a potato soup with sausage, as we eat with our grandparents as children. The point is, I didn't know how to do it, so I got on the phone and called a friend, my grandmother. And here's what I found out: that I only need onions, potatoes, sausage (it's optional), a little broth, paprika, a little flour, sour cream, salt and pepper to taste. And parsley at the end. I hardened the onion, fried the sausage a little, and then I put the potatoes. I let them grind well (that's exactly what my grandmother told me), that is, let them ride too. After that I added a little flour and a little paprika (about a teaspoon of each), broth (half a cup) and I added water. You have to get over the potatoes, it's just soup, right? When it started to boil I added salt and perish. After it boiled, I added sour cream, let it boil, turned off the heat and added green parsley. The taste was exactly, but exactly like that of childhood soup. The nice part is that I ate two days of it, but it remained on the weekend, when I went to my parents. It was the first time she didn't let my soul throw away the food, so I packed the soup, with the idea that if no one ate it, our puppies would enjoy it. But, when I put her on the table, my father put 2 plates on her, and my mother, for the first time in her life, asked me: "how did you do it?", When she saw that she liked it. his. I felt very good, and very proud of myself.

I am very proud of this recipe, because I made it for inspiration, with what I had around the house and everyone liked it: PORK ROLL, WITH GREEN OLIVES. I had to repeat it, because my family really liked it.

Hi Adi, Although it's the first time I leave a comment (here I would say it's a little selfish, but since it's my interest :) and I'm sorry for that) I read your networks every day, and I even tried some of them and they came out great. I could say that your blog is an inspiration for what to cook.
Regarding the contest, I have the opportunity to share a salad recipe with others. The salad was first made by an aunt of mine. He called salad & # 8222Scottish salad & # 8221. Her mistake was that she cut the ingredients too big - she was probably in a hurry and didn't have the patience to cut them into small pieces like beef salad. I liked the taste a lot and I wanted to try it too and I took: 1 larger onion, 6 medium-sized potatoes boiled in shell, 2 apples, 2 pickles, 2 boiled eggs and mayonnaise, salt and pepper. All cut into small pieces and mix. Apples taste good. I also gave others both a salad and a recipe :) and now in my family, for the holidays, this salad is not missing from the table. Now, my aunts call my salad & # 8222Iulia's salad & # 8221 Good appetite!

I really like to cook for my loved ones and I am most happy when I see that they like it. It's hard to choose one moment, one dish, one experience. However, something seems to be rising from all of them.

My friend doesn't eat belly soup, in principle, for the most part. Until one day when he sat with me in the kitchen and saw how this soup comes to life. He rolled his eyes when he whitened the cream and sneezed when he put too much pepper in it. And he started to like it. A lot of it :)

The most important ingredient is love, he says, and he would only eat this dish from me :)

You can find the ingredients of the broccoli pie on my blog
I tried the recipe for the first time at Christmas in 2010. I could swear it would all turn up their noses. Ever since I bought broccoli, everyone has been looking at me strangely. But I really wanted to try! And I did well. When I put it on the plate and when they smelled it & # 8230 they devoured it! There were piles on her like hyenas. And since then I've done it twice. I think they liked it :).

Seruss! Many & # 8221foods & # 8221 are cooked in our house, because in our kitchen the rooster and the hen sing in a successful symphony (most of the time) of flavors and colors.
As the 8th was the & # 8221cocosului & # 8221 day, the undersigned wanted to prepare a cake that she had never seen and had not met by her friends invited to the feast. Said and done, that is, searched the guggle in search of the one! Buuuun & # 8230. For months I dreamed of making her wonderful cake & # 8221 After eight & # 8221, given the fact that we both love mint, but on the last hundred meters I changed and turned to & # 8216Red velvet cake & # 8221, but I didn't like the idea of ​​cream cheese & # 8230.
That's how I ended up making a Madeira countertop, but a little different & that is GREEN! A green that was originally blue, but I ventured and added a few drops of yellow dye and the rest is history! As a cream I used the wonderful cream from Amandina cake.
The friends were terribly amused at the sight of the cake, because it was covered in PINK cream :)), which was meant to be red & # 8230..Daaaaar, the important thing is that everyone, without exception, said it was a cake I quote: & # 8221 crazy good & # 8221, and one of the boys went so far as to say: & # 8221Mada & # 8230.this is the best cake I have ever eaten! & # 8221
Yes, this is my most successful culinary experience so far!

It's hard to choose a dish that both I and those I cooked for were proud of. My boyfriend says that whatever I cook works out best for me :))
I remember, for example, my first blognese lasagna, which I made after the ear, giving up the bechamel sauce and improvising with cheese because the bechamel sauce seemed too nauseous. It turned out very well, and tasty and good-looking: D

In order for my food to come out, whether it's a new recipe or a frequently tried one, I have to make it with feeling! If I don't feel like doing something, I don't get fried eggs either! So every food of mine has a story with the states I lived before, how long I did it at the tasting! I don't have that much memory (because I'm old) to keep all the food in my emotional memory but I can evoke something & # 8230
The last try was tarragon veal borscht from which my child ate! :) Nothing more than carrots, celery, onions, veal, borscht and tarragon at the end! But the joy came when the child (2 years old) tasted for the first time in his life a borsch of mine! To understand what it is about & # 8211 my child is a vegetarian and could not be convinced so far to eat meat (except for a few teaspoons of puree in very young childhood :)!)! I do not insist on eating meat, this is not where the joy came from! But from the fact that this bag is one that we are in love with in the family and we make it often! We share a lot of love with each other but I was happy to share the taste for the first time!
Tasteful love to have!

Hello. My biggest and hardest working culinary success was made about 3 years ago with a cake recipe & # 8222 stained glass cake & # 8221 (as if Seima was the author). a wonder with lemon mousse, up to coconut with coconut, raspberry puree, and especially pieces of jellies, which I struggled for half a day to make :) since then everyone in the family asks me to I repeat the experience, but I still haven't had the courage to do it.

I never cooked until the fall of 2009. French fries were one of my first feats. They were wonderful:

I am very proud of your Chocolate Lava Cake recipe. Although I have a rather messy oven and I still happen to turn it from Lava Cake into a brownie, it's a big hit in our house. I haven't been able to take pictures of them so far & # 8230 disappear before I can look for the device. :)

I hope you will receive me in the contest even though I do not currently live in Romania, but my mother could receive the book (in the happy case) and send it to me in Greece. Here I learned a soup recipe different from ours. Preparation: boil water in a pot. When the water starts to boil, add 1 chicken breast and let it boil over low heat. Remove the foam left by the meat.
Meanwhile, chop the vegetables into small cubes: 2 carrots, 1 onion and 2 potatoes. When the meat is cooked, take it out, add the vegetables and 1 cup of rice and boil the soup again.
Cut the boiled chicken breast into small cubes and, when the vegetables are almost ready, add the minced meat to the soup and let it continue to boil.
Separately, mix in a larger bowl 2 egg yolks, 1 cup sour cream and a little milk.
When the soup is ready, and not very hot, take the juice with a polish, pour over the mixture as soon as possible and beat quickly with a whisk, then pour it into the soup pot. Stir and add salt to taste.
It is preferred by the husband and liked by relatives at home.

Chicken with sour cream and mushrooms.
& # 8222It's the food my wife won me over with & # 8221. This is what my husband says every time I prepare this dish, namely:
-1 large chicken breast cut into cubes or julienne- as you like
-1 carrot given on the small grater
-1/2 kg sliced ​​mushrooms
-1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon soy sauce
-5 cloves of chopped garlic
-200g melted cheese
-500g sour cream
-salt and pepper to taste.
Fry the mushrooms and chicken breast in oil and soy sauce for about 10 minutes, add carrots and garlic, leave for 2-3 minutes, then add sour cream and melted cheese and mix gently for another 2-3 minutes, adding salt and pepper to taste. Serve with or without rice garnish.

I'm an engineer, so I don't want to write your literature. But I will bring a smile on your face with a healthy appetizer.
* you need large mushrooms (I clean the stalks, which I use later in soups, etc.)
* I put the mushrooms in the pan and put them in the oven for a few minutes
* I put a mixture of spices and I prefer not to add a lot of salt, so as not to leave water
* take the tray out of the oven and put corn kernels and grated cheese
* I put the tray in the oven for a few minutes
* then I put 2 quail eggs and a slice of pepper on each mushroom as a smile
After a few minutes we have the final result, a healthy and tasty smiley!

I am a great gourmet and I had the blessing of marrying an even bigger gourmet. I like to browse culinary blogs, to test everything he does with my eye, and he doesn't mind :)
The last great achievement in this field I think is the menu from his birthday. The cooked ones did not excel in complexity, I tried to make something simple and varied, which would please as many guests as possible.

So, I cooked:
& # 8211 stuffed mushrooms after Maya's network:
& # 8211 stuffed eggs according to my mother's recipe
& # 8211 lasagna after Teo's recipe,
& # 8211 eggplant salad, classic recipe
& # 8211 burek with salted cheese, Laura Laurentiu's network:
& # 8211 apricot muffins, after a good friend's network, the tastiest muffins I've ever tried (Use a small glass of yogurt as a measure. Ingredients: 3 eggs, 2 measures sugar, 1 glass of apricot yogurt, 1 measure oil , 3 measures flour, 1 baking powder, orange essence (vanilla), natural peaches or diced compote)
& # 8211 The cake with white chocolate mousse and cherry jelly was the piece of resistance of the evening, no one could believe that it was made by me (recipe also from Laura Laurentiu).

Ok, that's about it, I would just add that this meal with friends was more of an achievement in terms of the fact that I have a 4 month old girl who normally kidnaps me all the time & # 8230. Looking back, no- I also realize how I managed & # 8230important is that we felt good and the guests were satisfied :)

Hi. I'm a big fan of sweets, so my success is based on a cake. I made my first Krem a la Krem cake with my mother, at home in Targu-Mures. I recently moved to Cluj Napoca, because I became a student. At the beginning of December, on December 6, Santa Claus, we gathered several friends in an apartment and exchanged gifts. Before this event we drew tickets with our name so that on that day, when we were all away from home, our parents would gather and make it a special event. So here I am in the kitchen of the apartment wanting to surprise my friends. I have a small agenda with recipes and Krem a la Krem cake was easy to make and I was sure everyone would be delighted. I received help from the girls and the cake worked for me. It was the first time I made a cake anywhere other than at home, in my mother's oven. I was appreciated by my friends and my mother, whom I called immediately after tasting the first slice.

I love to cook & # 8230 especially new, special recipes with interesting ingredients & # 8230 food that we do not eat every day. The most recent adventure was last weekend when I decided to reinvent the traditional Sunday lunch. I tried a recipe that attracted me a long time ago but I didn't dare to complete it. I prepared chicken in salted crust and it turned out infinitely better than I expected: full of juice and with a pronounced meat taste. The mess in the kitchen was bigger than usual, the 2 kilogram salt boulder is not reusable, but the result was worth every effort. I would recommend to all those who avoid chicken meat due to its more neutral taste and dryness, to try the salt crust. It 's absolutely wonderful

My soul recipe involves rice flour noodles. It was the first time my husband ate something with such appetite that he popped out of the wok. The following week I made the recipe for my brothers-in-law.
I cut the turkey breast into cubes, I marinated it in soy sauce, I cut leek slices, carrots and mushrooms, 1 small chilli, 2 cloves crushed garlic. I hardened the meat in olive oil, I took it aside and then I hardened the vegetables with a little soy sauce. I kept the noodles in hot water for 3 minutes and then I mixed all the ingredients in the wok and that's it! It can be served immediately. Good appetite!

At meetings with friends, a cake made by Mr. Green Foot's aunt was often mentioned on his birthday: & # 8222 Do you still remember the cake you brought? & # 8221 & # 8211 what cake was it, everyone knew & # 8211 & # 8222what buuuun was & # 8230 the incredible cake & # 8230. what else would I eat & # 8230 better cake I haven't eaten & # 8230woi what a craving for a cake like that & # 8221.

Last year I made a carob cake & # 8211 a combination of several recipes with carob powder instead of cocoa. And what do you think? Heheheh no one remembers the aunt's cake, everyone licks their lips at the thought of my cake!

A piece of beef.
A little oil.
Something green stuck well. (Marine.Roz Marin.)
Staniol potatoes. (That's how I picked them up from grandma.)
Rocket salad.
Dry red wine.

The pictures in the mail are too juicy for this blog.

It was going to be my mother's birthday, and I wanted to give her a sweet surprise. I went to the hypermarket with my good friend after the necessary things. Even now I don't realize why it took about 5 hours to prepare the cake. The top was made of pandispan, in fact 2 countertops cut in half and built. jar, and finally decided to walk among the fluffy countertops. So as you guessed the cream was a combination of butter and nutella.
Then came the part that took us longer: experimenting with some melted chocolate ornaments on baking paper..forms, butterflies: a.162399417124789.38361.100000641952337
I wrote mommy's name with melted butter on a beak plate:!/photo.php?fbid=182062621825135& # 038set = a.162399417124789.38361.100000641952337 & # 038pid = 471945 & # 038id = 100000641952337

The food I made that I liked was Biryani Rice.

It was a challenge for me to cook Arabic food after I had eaten it prepared by my own boss.
It is a very good food, which requires a little time but the taste is just right.

& # 8211 From a beef lid (from the pulp), cut the meat into slices, then beat the slices with a hammer. in a bowl we put spices, paprika, hot paprika, pepper, salt, vegeta, in fact any spices, how many. the slices of meat are given well through spices, after which they are put in the pan with the well-oiled oil (so much oil to pass over the meat).

My biggest culinary success was the cake I prepared this New Year's Eve for a friend whose birthday was on December 31st. I presented myself nicely at the party, everyone was happy, well, the new year is coming to an end, this friend of mine is super excited, he didn't expect such a thing & # 8230. I give him the cake & # 8230. drink, dancing & # 8230
midnight is approaching and one of the more euphoric boys goes to take the champagnes out of the cold to go down to the street to watch the fireworks & # 8230.
and suddenly zbaaaaaaaang
there is silence in the room, and I begin to shout: not the cake, not the cake & # 8230.
everyone rushes into the kitchen & # 8230. and in the middle of the house face down was my wonderful chocolate cake & # 8230.
the images with me were already walking in front of my eyes, sitting on the morning of the 31st preparing it, how the perfect chocolate counter grew for the first time, how I took a taxi to go and buy nutella from kaufland as they were closed in the neighborhood stores, how I had praised everyone how good it will be & # 8230
I was disappointed, but when I saw him celebrating that he was upset that I was upset, I was instantly happy, & # 8230.

I like simple food and good books. And books with and about food, obviously. I like foods that remind me of other times and places and people. And the ones that take me on a culinary journey to places I haven't reached yet and maybe I will never reach.
This story is about simple food. With tradition. Which last year I managed to bury myself. The recipe is almost banal but the result is special due to its rarity in the Transylvanian lands and the memories it awakens in me.
Because March is near, maybe my recipe for Moldovan martyrs will inspire you:

Of all the recipes I've been cooking lately, one of the dishes I had on the table on New Year's Eve remained in my mind: the goose stuffed with apples. It was delicious & juicy, tender! All diners were very pleased with this steak, which I served with an aromatic apple sauce. It was my first meeting with the gang on the plate, until then I had only beaten the duck and I thought it was about the same, but I was wrong. You can cook the recipe with pictures here:

I like to cook, I like to try new flavors and tastes, that's why I consider a culinary success every time I find a new recipe that we like.
From simple recipes like Easter with zucchini and kaizer or more refined Green fig jam http: // all the dishes make me happy and are better when we are with the family at the table.

I've been making this salad recipe, and I'm always asked for it: green onions, tomatoes, radishes, ripe celery, croutons, a handful of green parsley, olive oil. Simple, light, and effective. Last time I made it with leeks instead of green onions, it was just as good.

It was going to be my mother's birthday, and I wanted to give her a sweet surprise. I went to the hypermarket with my good friend after the necessary things. Even now I don't realize why it took about 5 hours to prepare the cake. The top was made of pandispan, in fact 2 countertops cut in half and built. jar, and finally decided to walk among the fluffy countertops. So as you guessed the cream was a combination of butter and nutella.
Then came the part that took us the longest: experimenting with melted chocolate ornaments on baking paper..forms, butterflies.
I wrote mommy's name on melted butter on a beak plate.
Then the gummy marshallow candies entered the scene, which I melted on a bain-marie with powdered sugar and a little oil, the result was an "edible" plasticine from which I made roses:
It was delicious, mommy was delighted, and we are proud of our feat. We promised ourselves we would do it again. !/photo.php?fbid=182063161825081&set=a.162399417124789.38361& = 100000641952337

One way I've done it and remember it (and not just me) is here:

Why is it special to me? because I made it for my friends from LumeaMare (I think it was over 40) and because it was something new and special.

My recipe is very simple and available to anyone. Baked chicken legs with vegetables. I really like colorful foods, I find them happier than the others :) I used some potatoes, carrots, peppers fat red and yellow, green donut and mushrooms. I washed them and cut them all. I put potatoes, carrots and many cloves of garlic in the pan. Then I put the chicken legs on which I threw some spices. On top I put peppers, donut and mushrooms. I poured 2 cups of semi-dry white wine (a Feteasca Regala) and quickly sprinkled with a little olive oil. I kept the tray covered for a while in the preheated oven at 180. Then I took the foil and left them for a while until they were ready. I made the recipe twice. Once one evening and I ate with my friend and another time when I called some friends to me. He was very good and he was happy, as I wanted.

I chose to write about this recipe because it gave me great joy. For a few months now, I also made a culinary blog, and when I posted the recipe, someone noticed it and tried it exactly according to my instructions. It was the first time something like this had happened to me. The joy was even greater when he told me that it turned out perfect and he also sent me pictures.

I beg a thousand excuses! I got the wrong link to the recipe :( Here is the correct one:

Hi Adi
I took Japanese language and civilization courses for a while and one of the ways to discover the essences of a civilization is to go through its kitchen, so I set up some cooking lessons with my Japanese teacher & # 8211 riori no tsukurikata (りお り つ く り か mai - more in Japanese), which took place in my kitchen in the presence of 10, 12 friends from both civilizations.
The normal course was like this - we once cooked Japanese food when they taught us, once Romanian food and then we taught them, after which we all sat down at the table and ate what we had produced.
At one of the meetings that happened to be around Christmas, we cooked together a kind of fusion lunch & # 8211 for the first Japanese ramen (ラ ー メ ン), for two Romanian sarmale in pumpkin. You can't even imagine how well the two dishes placed on the same table in international gourmet language communicated with a local translator from Panciu.
Unfortunately, no one felt the need for photo evidence, but Japomia has lifted the visa requirement for a year, hasn't it?

Of all the tried and tested recipes, the one I am most proud of is a chicken recipe with butter, thyme, rosemary and lemon, with a garnish of golden potatoes with rosemary. This recipe is my pride, because it was the first time I cooked with butter, having lactose intolerance I avoided this & # 8222ingredient & # 8221, I am marked by how good it turned out. The conclusion: the butter is indispensable in the kitchen. I don't know how successful it looks in the picture, but the taste was sensational, as a result, at the insistence of the tasters, I will repeat the recipe as soon as possible.

[& # 8230] when Okian offers a very beautiful and useful book in a contest organized on the blog by Adi Hădean. To participate I have to tell about a food that I cooked and with which I [& # 8230]

Last year Florii and I were invited to my sister's for dinner. Because fish is generally eaten by Florii, my sister cooked sea bream in parchment with ratatouille vegetables. My husband liked what he ate so much that I said I had to try it at home. I didn't follow the recipe exactly, but I adapted it along the way depending on what ingredients I had / found at the supermarket. In the meantime, our recipe has turned from sea bream in parchment into trout without parchment. Why trout? Because it was a little cheaper and… the main reason, I don't know why but at the hypermarket it doesn't clean the sea bream. To avoid spending I don't know how long I was cleaning this type of fish, I cheated using something similar. I can say that my recipe came out very good every time, and because I've cooked it so many times, I don't have to look at the steps now.

Because it's a dish we both love so much, we decided a few months ago to invite some friends to taste it. I kind of failed with one of the guests because he didn't like fish, but they saved my vegetables. But her husband still tells us how much she liked that fish. I plan to repeat the experience as soon as possible with other dear friends and I hope that the reaction will also be a positive one.

I am proud of the fish with baked vegetables whenever it is eaten to the last crumb and if I happen to do something more and stay, we go very well and reheated the next day. I never posed for him but you can get an idea from a "stolen" picture from Laura's blog & # 8211

I got in a saddle and told you my story… very shortly before the end of the contest.

It will be short for me. The first food I cooked was at the age of 14 and I made a chicken pilaf as classic as possible.
We sat down at the table, my father tasted the crane, he turned to his mother and decreed: From now on, your son will make pilaf!

Pfui & # 8230 was to miss the chance to tell you the story too. Well, work work, read the RSS feeds late at night.

So, I chose to be proud of a portion of gingerbread (the first one I experienced, by the way) that I baked a whole night before last Easter. I didn't have beautiful shapes, so I used the eternal round glass good for everything, but I tried to make up for the lack of shape with some icing designs. Although they scared me because initially they came out strong & # 8211 more biscuits than gingerbread & # 8211 after they were a little covered, they softened and made good goodies. And the smell of cinnamon & # 8230

From the age of five, when my mother started making sweets destined to end the Sunday meal, I also received my portion of flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, milk… .and others according to the recipe. A small portion, with which you could practice and copy exactly what your mother does. At the end, my "tests" were put in a tray and put in the oven together with the large "serious" tray, then served at the table where the whole family gathers. I don't remember receiving more praise in my life. Of course, my cake was much better than my mother's.
And so, starting from this childhood play (with many pedagogical accents), I ended up making cooking my passion.

One of the dishes I make myself proud of is called Makluba (an Arabic recipe). It is a very popular food in our house, that's why I'm happy to share the recipe with you. As ingredients, we need:
& # 8211 8 chicken legs
& # 8211 the little cauliflower
& # 8211 about 10 potatoes
& # 8211 a cup of rice
& # 8211 oil for frying
Boil the thighs with salt and a little vagina. Meanwhile, break the cauliflower into small bunches and cut the potatoes into rounds, then fry them one by one in oil.
After the legs are cooked, we build in a pot a layer of potatoes and cauliflower, over which we sprinkle rice (uncooked). We continue with the layers in this way until the artichokes and cauliflower are finished. Put the thighs on top and add over the soup in which they boiled. Leave on low heat until the rice is cooked.
Serve with yogurt / sour cream and tomato salad with cucumbers.
I'm sorry I don't have a picture, but I hope you get an idea of ​​what it looks like.

What a motivating prize! :)
At my house they eat cheesecake & # 8230, until I discovered the cheesecake!
I like the freshness of the cream cheese, mixed with whipped cream, pure vanilla essence, a little gelatin and sugar. The original countertop is a bit hard, for my taste, being composed of crushed digestive biscuits homogenized with melted butter, that's why I prefer to make a classic pandispan.
In this case, the & # 8222 cherry on the cake & # 8221 becomes berry topping, pan-fried in butter!
I really like this dessert, because it is very versatile! It can be successfully decorated and presented on a pretentious table, just as it can be the star of a Sunday meal.

I wrote a nice recipe for preparing a special salad with tuna, and you can see the picture on my blog: straturi.html


* 1 can of tuna
* 4 eggs
* 2 apples
* 1 orange
* 200g cheese
* mayonnaise

How is it prepared:
Once well cooked, cut the eggs into small cubes. Crush the tuna, cut the orange and cut the apples into cubes (it would be preferable to sprinkle the apples with lemon juice, so that they do not oxidize), and put the cheese on the grater. Grease each layer of ingredients with mayonnaise (the best one would be home-made) - although in my experience, I tell you that it's easier to mix each of the ingredients with a teaspoon or two of mayonnaise before arranging them in salad- and arrange in order: half of the tuna composition, then two of the eggs, apples sprinkled with a little pepper, two eggs, the other half of the tuna composition, orange, and on top, grated cheese. In addition, a few more mayonnaise lumps can be added.

If you ask me, this is the perfect recipe for a weekend dinner, whether you have a few guests or just want to pamper your taste buds with something special.
Good appetite!

Beautiful your gesture, dear Adi & # 8230 because I put my hand in the fire that the most beautiful culinary memories are those that are born from gestures made for loved ones & # 8230. he knew what Proust knew when he wrote about madeleine in his childhood. My dear memory about the dish I am proud of is related to a dear El, still a student and who separates me a good number of kilometers, because his dream begins there, in Iasi, and I hope it ends here, next to me , in Suceava. He is the kind of young man who knows how to make only french fries and who often eats junk food for convenience and for fear of discovering that cooking is not quantum physics. I remember that one weekend I went to him just to live the joy of a simple Saturday in which he would work as a cook. I made the eggplant salad & # 8230 the best eggplant salad ever made because he cut the onion from the ax, beat the eggplant to bruise them, spun the mayonnaise until it was cut and spun once more & # 8230 but when they all combined and the flavors fused and the salad spread tactfully on the bread I understood that a food born of love for loved ones can not be bad. so, my favorite food was the one I just advised, looked at, tasted and said at the end & # 8222saru & # 8217hand for the table & # 8221.
p.s.What is your madeleine, if I'm not indiscreet?

My culinary and memorable story is from the time when I was about 10 years old (I have cooked since then but there is nothing memorable, it is already a habit for everyone). I got home from school without any homework, it was nothing new, so I thought I would surprise my parents, logically so as not to argue that I did not do my homework until the time they arrived her home. I couldn't clean anymore because I had done it the day before, yes yes I often surprised them! I remembered how Grandma was making donuts and I got to work. I'm not telling you the recipe, not because it's a secret ingredient, but because I don't remember it anymore. # 8230

When the parents came home, we waited for them with the goodies on the table, nicely arranged. At first my mother didn't think I made them, then she saw the pile of dishes (what if I cook I have to wash the dishes too?), Then she panicked & # 8222Wow, but I didn't teach you to use the stove! If the block jumps in the air? & # 8221.

In the end, everything was eaten, it was good and to this day from time to time my mother still tells me & # 8222Do you remember when you waited for me with donuts? If you blew up the block? & # 8221

I don't have pictures because the landline phone didn't have megapixels.

Thanks to my husband reading your blog, I started following this blog for almost half a year. I find the recipes interesting (some I even tried) but also the comments. Honestly I have emotions for what I write because it is the first time I do this (I never wrote on a blog). a recipe called & # 8211 Turkish Eggs (I don't know why it's called that because I ate this snack at a friend who also gave me the recipe and that's how she knew her name but I don't think she has any connection with Turkey.) So we need for 4 servings: 3-4 onions I like tomatoes and onions more, a red bell pepper, 4 suitable tomatoes, 4 eggs (about a serving egg but whoever wants can put 2 serving eggs!) 4 not very thick slices of cheese, the telemea that everyone wants
I also add a chopped hot pepper and a little greenery, I also prefer parsley and dill, I was going to forget a little oil for frying. often but not to burn, at the right heat, leave it until it softens a bit then add the bell pepper cut into joulien after it has softened and put the peeled and sliced ​​tomatoes 1.5-2 cm or the tomato cut into quarters and quarters cut it in half and leave it on the fire until the juice from the tomatoes decreases and the tomatoes are penetrated, together with the tomatoes we put the chopped hot pepper if we don't have it we add the hot pepper paprika and after the tomatoes have penetrated we also add the greens to this sea of vegetables we make with a spatula an empty place (we put aside the vegetables) in which we carefully put an egg that we cover with the vegetables, we do the same with the other eggs after the eggs have all been covered with vegetables over each egg. pune of
Elie de telemea not very thick, put a lid on the pan and leave it on the fire until the egg is made and soften the cheese and then with a spatula put in the plates an egg with the vegetables around it and the cheese on top. I can't say that it's a light breakfast because it's a pretty heavy snack, but my husband and I also when we come home and our son eats it for breakfast (usually Saturday and / or Sunday) it's full and then we can eat lunch later. I am very sorry that I don't have pictures because I don't know if I managed to express in words exactly everything the pictures would have been much better but I promise I will take them at the first opportunity and if you are interested I will send them. In conclusion, I have to say one that I have had for a long time: my husband is diabetic and it is very difficult for me to find sugar-free sweets recipes, I still invent them, but it is very difficult for me to find them every time, if you know where I would could have me
train! Anyway, thank you very much for your attention and because I don't know where to leave my address, I will continue to write it Str. Aleea Trandafirilor bl. 3 sc.B et. 2, ap. 31 Targoviste Jud. Dambovita & # 8211 I think I'm the last is 10.52 Good night!

[& # 8230] 24th, 2011 & bull No comments & rarr It's Monday, it's time to unravel the story with the Okian recipe book. Over the weekend I received several emails from dissatisfied competitors that the prize was [& # 8230]


wow Davella, what a delight cookies must be for Santa. And we (me and the kids) can't wait to get them. Congratulations!

What beauties they are! I will try to decorate them beautifully this year too :)

My name is Andrei and I own the website

I came across your site by chance and I thought we could exchange links.

I look forward to your reply to [email protected]

Hello my dear Davella, you are ready for Christmas, you have made beautiful cookies.

Beautiful Christmas cookies, I will follow you from now on dear greetings

Lobo - Italian in Brazil

Beautifull Christmas cookies, will now, dear Greetings
Italian Lobo in Brazil

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