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Cheerful muffins

Cheerful muffins

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Posted by Maria68 in Sweets
7 Apr 2012 | 2414 views

He started playing it. I wanted to prepare some simple muffins, but Andrada and her friend Andreea, insisted on coloring the muffins, a training in preparation for the upcoming holidays! It is a simple but very fluffy and tasty muffin recipe :) !!!!!!! !!

Posted by alinutza1983

Mix the dry ingredients, ie: flour, baking powder, cocoa and chocolate. Separately beat the egg, sugar, vanilla, oil and milk. Add the liquid mixture over the dry part, ...

Posted by Oana

The muffin box also includes muffin papers, a packet of muffin powder and a packet of chocolate flakes. The muffin mixture is mixed with milk, oil and eggs, mixed with ...

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on 07.04.2012, 20:53
they are very naughty!

on 07.04.2012, 20:58
very beautiful!

on 07.04.2012, 21:01
Thanks a lot The artistic talent of my daughter Andrada ... !!!!!

on 07.04.2012, 21:04
I really like how you arranged them

on 07.04.2012, 21:49
how beautiful they are! looks great

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