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Eat This Now: The Vegetarian Menu at Public in New York City

Eat This Now: The Vegetarian Menu at Public in New York City

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Looking to score some points with that vegetarian friend of yours? Interested in a tasting menu that leaves you feeling healthy afterwards? Look no further than the vegetarian menu at Public. Located in Nolita in downtown Manhattan, Public is offering a tasting menu for vegetarians for the month of June.

For $75/person you can dine on a six-course all-vegetarian menu that incorporates seasonality and explores textures and flavors throughout. Public chef Brad Farmerie (appropriate name) has created a menu that highlights a variety of vegetables, including the use of hearts of palm in the gazpacho, and the towering centerpiece of vegetables served with baba ghanoush. The third course is an all-veggie summer roll, followed by charred carrots so soft they seem to melt in your mouth. The ‘meaty’ course is pulled mushroom ravioli with sun-dried tomatoes full of intensely rich flavors.

The entire meal is served with drink pairings for an additional $50/person, starting with the “Sherried Red Eye,” sort of like a bloody Mary with beer, and followed by a variety of wines. The dessert course highlights seasonal favorites rhubarb and strawberries. The sweet is balanced with the savory with olive oil ice cream and balsamic foam. Click through our slideshow to check out photos of the dishes.


On the left is the Lavender Gimlet made with Spring 44 gin, crème yvette, lavender cordial, and fresh lime, which isn't part of the tasting menu but worth getting. On the right is the drink that comes with the first course, the Sherried Red Eye — Kelso pilsner, lemon, tomato, and fino sherry.

Crudité and Gazpacho

The first course is local chopped vegetables pickled, roasted, grilled, and raw served with a side of black baba ghanoush. Next, is a gazpacho with tomatillos, hearts of palm, lily bulbs, avocado oil and basil seeds, served with a riesling.

Jane Bruce is the Photo Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @janeebruce.

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