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Squid rounds

Squid rounds

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I know how to spell it, but I like to be anapod with the road and call the squid gentlemen cal'amar, although they are not bitter, a little fazi, but I befriended them with egg, salt, pepper and flour and -a country of olive oil, as I was only in the homeland of olives and Gods, beautiful Greece via Athena ....

  • 2 pieces of fresh squid (directly from the fishing stall, on a street in Athena)
  • egg
  • flour
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


After I bought them, I cheated a little and because they asked us if they want us to clean our horses, I said yes and that's how it went like grease ..... I washed them a little , I cleaned the mound skin after the "wings" of the horses, I cut the rounds that look like a burl, I made the tentacles smaller. I beat the egg with salt and pepper, after rinsing the horses well, I drained them of water, I rolled them in flour and egg and I fried them in olive oil. I'm not a fan of seafood, I tasted it, I said ok and that's it, I gave it to Greek yogurt, a treat.

BONUS: an interesting statement - & bdquoWas it a great goal or, I don't know, was it? & Rdquo

Happy birthday, Nicolae Zuluf, 31 years old!

Happy birthday, Nicolae Zuluf, 31 years old! ) 1. When he was at Dinamo, he swallowed the suppository prescribed by the doctor, because he did not know how to administer it. 2. He bought a paralyzing spray and did a d & acircnd test on a friend's feet, to show that & bdquo & icirci paralyzes his legs & rdquo. 3. In an encampment in Antalya, he bought a fish and put it under the bed, in a room that was very hot. Upon returning from training. eh, let's just say he had to open the windows. BONUS: an interesting statement - & bdquoWas it a great goal or, I don't know, was it? & Rdquo

Published by Gazeta Sportulor on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

At sea

It's the middle of summer, friends, in all the sunny places where the beach is caressed by the wave, sizzling grills with sea fish and hot pans with seafood. Tanned and noisy people, squeezing lemons and oranges over them, causing scents of fresh olives and salt.
Let's gather in a plate, next to a squid and a shrimp, 2 slices of fried and spicy eggplant, scented with a little tomato and accompanying the little sea creatures a sauce, or rather a cream flavored with thyme and garlic.

Grate a clove of garlic and lightly fry it in 2 tablespoons of olive oil together with a sprig of thyme. When the garlic has turned slightly yellow, be careful not to burn it because it becomes bitter, add 200 grams of pre-cooked white beans. Stir for 1 minute, allowing to fill with flavor, then slowly add a cup of vegetable broth. Bring to a simmer for 10 minutes. Pass the flavored beans with a blender, adding salt, pepper and another 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil. The resulting puree should not be very strong, but neither should it look like a crème soup. If it came out too hard, you can add soup.

In another two tablespoons of olive oil, fry over low heat half a very finely chopped small onion together with a teaspoonful of chopped hot pepper.

In this fragrant base, fry the eggplant rounds, 4 for two portions. When they are brown on both sides, add a cup of chopped or mashed tomatoes and leave together for another 5 minutes.

You can buy squid and shrimp from any supermarket in the fresh fish sector. For two servings I recommend 10 small shrimp and 2 pieces of squid. They are not as expensive as you might think. The price is somewhere between 10 and 20 lei. Wash the seafood thoroughly under running cold water. Refrigerate for an hour in a marinade of lemon juice, olive oil and a clove of crushed garlic. Cut the squid in an aesthetic way. Heat a pan very well, add a drizzle of oil for frying. Fry the sea wonders for about 3-4 minutes on high heat. The shrimp should be intense in color and the squid should have traces of frying.
I also added an octopus, but that 's another story
Arrange on a plate. In the middle of the shrimp, on one side the eggplant, on the edge the notched squid, and from place to place the cream of beans.

Let's get the salt out of the sea on big, white sheets,
to crystallize it in the sun by dancing dressed in algae,
to gather in baskets of whale bones,
shells, fish, cuttlefish and prawns.
Let's burn medieval ship's wood at night
and fry the seafood on a pinch of salt
at one end of the beach
at one end of the sea.

Enthusiasts Club: Fish, the indispensable food in a healthy diet. Recipe recommendations from chef Liviu Preda

Fish meat is an important source from which essential fatty acids can be obtained, Omega3 and Omega6, low protein, vitamins A, D, B, but also a number of essential minerals such as iron, iodine, selenium and zinc.

Along with sprat, sardines are at the base of the food chain, feed exclusively on algae, therefore do not present the risk of mercury contamination and contain the highest amount of omega 3 fatty acids.

How do we cook fish?

Recommendations from chef Liviu Preda, culinary consultant Selgros Cash & ampCarry and co-winner of the Arena Bucătarilor contest, & icircn 2015.

Carp fillets with slightly spicy vegetables

Ingredient: 150g carp fillets, 30 g celery, 10 g prosciutto, 25 g yellow pepper, 25 g red pepper, 30 g pasta & acircrnac, 25 g garlic, 5 g thyme, 5 g fresh sage, 2 g salt, 2 g multicolored pepper, 20 ml sm & acircnt & acircna liquid, 10 ml oil, 10 g butter.

Method of preparation: Season the carp fillet with salt and pepper, then sprinkle with fresh thyme and sage. Lightly fry on each side in oil and a little butter, in a well-heated pan. Place in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C for 8-10 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fillet..

Gasket: Meanwhile, the celery stalks are washed well and wrapped with a slice of prosciutto. Place in the oven next to the fish. The rest of the vegetables are washed, cleaned, and cut into small pieces, then lightly fry in a pan with a little oil and butter, garlic and pepper. Towards the end, liquid sm & acircnt & acircna can be added.

It is mounted on a large plate and served as a hotter to feel all the flavors that perfect this very simple, purely rum preparation.

Baked pike fillets

Ingredient: 1 kg of pike fillets, 200 g green onions, 200 g radishes, 100 g homemade pasta, 20 g garlic, 10 g salt, 5 g pepper, 10 g thyme.

Method of preparation: The pike fillet is seasoned very well with salt and pepper, after which it is baked on low heat for an hour, together with a few hardwood stoves, which lightly smoke in the oven with wood and a little oil, aromatic herbs. Slow cooking is essential for this fish, which has a very dry meat if not cooked properly. The pike tends to become dry if cooked over high heat or fried in very hot oil, so a lighter approach is better, over medium to low heat and with a light smoke. Serve with a homemade pasta salad with hot peppers, green onions and crispy radish, seasoned well with salt and pepper.

Squid rings with potato garnish

Ingredient: 200 g squid rings, 200 g pre-cooked and seasoned potatoes, 60 g cherry tomatoes, a bunch of dill, 30 g chives, 10 g hot peppers, 15 g basil, 10 g garlic, 15 ml olive oil, 4 g salt, 2 g pepper, 50 g carrot slices.

Method of preparation: Cooked for a minute, the squid will be juicy, delicious and with a genuine slightly marine taste. For this, the first step is to prepare the gasket. Pre-cooked and seasoned potatoes are a quick choice. Oil & icircn pan, a little garlic, saute the potatoes and, finally, sprinkle dill in abundance over them. Carrot slices are sautéed with garlic, cherry tomatoes, basil and hot peppers. Then, in the same well-heated pan, we sauté the squid slices very quickly, at the end we sprinkle fresh chives and the result is a quick and very delicious meal!

Sauteed shrimp with vegetable tagliatelle

Ingredient: 200 g shrimp, 100 g carrots, 100 g zucchini, 60 g leeks, 30 g peppers, 10 g garlic, 20 ml olive oil flavored with basil and garlic, salt, pepper.

Method of preparation: It is very important for this dish to buy raw & whole shrimp and not pre-cooked. The taste is sublime, juicy and slightly sweet. The gasket is very easy to make. With the help of a knife, we prepare some vegetable tagliatelle that we sauté together with garlic, bell pepper and a little olive oil. It is important that the fire is very fast and the cooking process takes very little time. The vegetables must be cooked, but still remain al dente. Then, in the same pan, heat the flavored oil and sauté the shrimp for a minute, then turn off the heat and put a lid on to simmer. Then we mount the garnish on the plate, then we put the shrimp on top and we are ready.

In less than 10 minutes we have a super delicious and very healthy meal!

Grilled sardines

Ingredient: 250 g sardines, lemon & acircie, vegetables of your choice for garnish, greens, salt, pepper.

Method of preparation: Sardine is the best grilled, being a fatty fish full of omega. It is not advisable to serve it boiled. Marinated, smoked or grilled is wonderful. Lemon & lots of acircie, green leaves and a garnish of grilled vegetables are ideal for sardines.

About the Selgros fish district

At Selgros you will find a rich assortment of live and fresh fish: carp, trout, catfish, crucian carp, salmon, but also freshly sliced ​​fish, bulk caviar, fish specialties and seafood. The specialized fishing district is available in the Selgros stores in Bucharest, Brașov, Iași, Oradea, Cluj, Ploiești, Timișoara, Craiova, Bacău, Galați, Brăila, Arad and Constanța. Slicing and evisceration services are free.

Squid Rounds - Recipes

One year after the horse meat scandal, the European Parliament this week called for smarter scrutiny and tougher sanctions for food fraud. Taking advantage of the great attention that the media paid to the problems that arose, MEPs worked on a report detailing, for the first time, the true scope of the subject.

Bio that is not organic

"We tried to consider the whole iceberg, not just its visible part", explained the rapporteur, the Dutch deputy Esther De Lange (PPE). Food fraud is not limited to health issues, she said, citing the example of normal eggs, but marketed under the "organic" label.

Oils (especially olive oil), fish, meat, milk and 'organic' food are often subject to counterfeiting or mislabeling. And the large sums at stake have already attracted the attention of criminal organizations, the report said.

Sliced ​​pork anus, sold as if it were squid rounds?

In October last year, Ms De Lange caused a stir when she said there were rumors that there were producers selling pork anus under the "squid" label. Asked on this occasion if she had received further details on the subject, the Dutch MP admitted that she had given birth to an "urban myth". But he wanted to specify that he does not have enough data to be able to refute the information. "Only time will tell whether it is true or not".

In any case, there is an additional reason for the fish and seafood sector, which is very often affected by fraud, to be monitored more closely. And the most handy example is the very frequent sale of farmed fish under the label of "wild fish".

The fragmentation of the EU is taking advantage of organized crime networks

A major obstacle to a more effective fight against the problem is the fragmentation of the European Union. When Italy managed to strengthen its controls, the leaders of organized crime moved their bases of operations to Slovenia, says Ms. De Lange. And food fraud is on the rise across Europe.

To stop the phenomenon, MEPs want smarter controls and harsher sanctions. Fines should be at least double the profits made. "Small penalties encourage producers to repeat fraud", said the Belgian MEP Marc Tarabella (PS), in a statement.

1. Salmon burger with sour cream sauce

Necessary ingredients:

  • 400g salmon fillet
  • 2 small onions
  • 2 small tomatoes
  • 3-4 Champignon mushrooms
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • 3 tablespoons mustard
  • 2 slices without shell
  • 2 buns with seeds
  • 3-4 leaves lettuce
  • 1 l & acircm & acircie
  • 50g butter
  • salt and pepper
  • balsamic oil

Method of preparation:

Salmon burger with lemon sauce it is a delicacy & icircn seaside restaurants, having at the same time a tailor-made price. If you want to save some money and enjoy this culinary delight at home, find out that the recipe is not complicated at all and can be implemented even by the most experienced chef.

For a start, wash well salmon fillet and & icircnd removes its skin, then checks by palpation that it has no bones left. Subsequently, using electric mincer Mincing Machine, shreds fish meat, well washed and dried parsley, a small onion, garlic and the two slices of peeled acorns, soaked in water beforehand. With the help electric mincer you will get a homogeneous paste, which you can tie even better by adding 2-3 tablespoons of mustard.

Forms from the mixture obtained two medium-sized meatballs, which you will go through ftrace for burgers. Use it according to the instructions, placing the meat in the shape, then pressing firmly, until a space is created in the middle of the meatball. Sit there diced tomatoes and mushrooms, finely chopped, seasoned & icircn beforehand with balsamic oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Pune la & icircncins o Regis Stone pan with special surface for grilling and frying burgers on both sides, p & acircna gets a golden color. He recalled that, due to its adherent surface, Regis Stone pan does not require oil for frying, making it a really tasty and healthy option for family meals.

When the two meatballs are fried, you can take care of them lemon & acircie sauce. In a small bowl, mix the butter with the grated peel of a squash, salt and pepper to taste. Grease the two meatballs with this sauce, as they are still hot, because this way the butter will melt and give the meat a special taste. Assemble the burgers, place the meatballs in a bun on the bed. lettuce and with a few slices of onion, for extra flavor.

Squid skewers

Thaw the squid. It can be left in a bowl with cold water. All this time wash the vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes and mushrooms). If left unchecked mushrooms.

The zucchini does not peel either. I left the tomatoes whole, because they were small (remember that there are several varieties of cherry tomatoes!). But, if the vegetables are bigger, you can cut them into slices, both tomatoes, zucchini and mushrooms.
Stir through the skewers (you need 4 skewers for skewers), alternately or as you wish, tomatoes, pumpkin, mushrooms and squid. Sprinkle with salt, ground black pepper and paprika. Heat the grill and, after it has warmed up, place the skewers. They turn to one side and to the other.

A recipe proposed by: SanatateAcasa Acasa (SanatateAcasa)

How the Ketogenic Diet came about

The purpose of the Keto diet is to induce the state of ketosis. We are talking about a natural phenomenon that occurs when the body uses glucose in its fat deposits to obtain energy. The state of ketosis has been known since the dawn of civilization. It is also installed during fasting and has been used as a therapeutic method for many diseases.

At the beginning of the last century, fasting was used to treat epilepsy in children. Understanding the major risks of fasting in children, an American doctor named Russell Wilder explored different diets to see if anything else could generate a similar curative response. He discovered at one point that the effects of fasting can be mimicked by avoiding sugar and consuming more fat. A tested this diet on people with epilepsy, and the results were encouraging. Thus his diet became the main treatment for epilepsy for many years. Wilder's discovery gave rise to the ketogenic diet.

In the 1930s, however, new anticonvulsant drugs were developed. Patients and doctors considered that the administration of drugs is easier than changing the diet, so the ketogenic diet was left in a shadow cone.

Keto diet, second comeback

It wasn't until the & # 821770, when more and more people became interested in losing weight that the ketogenic diet was reborn. But his return was not immediate. Its rise in popularity has been slow but steady, as can be seen:

1972: A cardiologist named Dr. Atkins publishes the book “Dr. Atkins. Diet Revolution ”- in translation“ Dr. Atkins. The dietary revolution ”. In its pages, he presents his years of medical research on the impact of low-carb diets on weight loss and heart health. This brings to public attention the approach of high fat and low carbohydrate intake.

1977: Dr. Phinney, a physician and scientist who spent his life studying nutrition, wrote "The Last Chance Diet." This book promotes a diet based on fats and proteins that he has developed. Because the drink in question did not contain the essential minerals, people on the diet became ill, some even dying.

1988: Dr. Phinney creates "The Optifast Diet" & # 8211 a nutrition program centered around the fat and protein products he created, but this time also containing minerals. Oprah supports him and so the success of the Keto diet takes off.

The role of an emotional story, turned into a movie

1990: The American television network NBC broadcasts a report about the positive result of the ketogenic diet in the case of a two-year-old boy who was suffering from severe epileptic seizures. The video causes a significant increase in medical articles about the Keto diet on the PubMed platform.

1992: An update to Dr. Atkins' 1972 book is published. This new edition, entitled "Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution ", ie" Dr. Atkins New Dietary Revolution, ”inspires other physicians to publish books on low-carb, low-carb diets. This marks the beginning of "low-carb madness."

1996: The story of the boy with epilepsy televised in 1990 is transformed into a film starring actress Meryl Streep. It rekindles scientific interest in the Keto diet.

2013: A study published in the journal Science draws attention to the anti-aging and health-maintaining effects of the ketogenic diet. There are several studies that highlight the effectiveness of the Keto diet in the fight against extra pounds.

2015: The famous podcast Tim Ferriss interviews Dr. D & # 8217Agostino, a well-known scientist concerned with ketogenic research, about "Fasting, ketosis and the end of cancer". In this way, the Keto diet reaches the top of Google searches, where it is maintained today.

Stuffed squid & # 8211 an appetizer worthy of the holiday table!

We present you a recipe for stuffed squid. It is a very delicious, aromatic appetizer with a pleasant texture. Amazing is how simple and fast it is prepared. It is a perfect appetizer if you have very little time to prepare the holiday meal. Surprise your guests with a fine and delicate delicacy, the recipe of which will be in great demand.


-4 servings of melted cheese

Method of preparation

1. Boil the squid: immerse them in a saucepan with boiling water for 5 minutes.

2. Remove the squid from the water and remove the film.

3. Prepare the filling: grate the cheese (from the fridge).

4. Mix it with the crushed garlic.

5. Add chopped shrimp and greens. Stir.

6. Match with mayonnaise and mix.

7. Fill the squid with the prepared mixture.

8. Cut the appetizer into rounds.

Note: If you want a more intense appetizer taste, arrange each sliced ​​squid stuffed on a slice of apple.

Video: Squid - 2010 Official Audio (July 2022).


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