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Adam Richman Hosts First-Ever World Food Championships in Las Vegas

Adam Richman Hosts First-Ever World Food Championships in Las Vegas

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The host of 'Man v. Food' challenges chefs in classic American cook-off

Adam Richman, of 'Man v. Food,' will host the first-ever World Food Championships this November.

The first-ever World Food Championships are set for Vegas, and amateur and professional chefs from across America and the world are invited to strut their stuff.

This November, chefs will compete in seven categories — including chili, barbecue, and sandwiches — to battle it out for $250,000. The Final Table face-off will include host Adam Richman (of Travel Channel’s Man v. Food series) and other celebrity judges to declare the winners in a live TV special, according to a press release. That includes a World Champion’s Challenge and a World Chef challenge, where 50 chefs from across the globe will compete to have their best dishes judged for a $50,000 grand prize. (No word yet on who will be competing). There’s also a VIP barbecue and bourbon bash, plus a VIP burger and bubbly bash (yum). And, of course, there will be plenty of taste-tests for guests.

"In a day and age when there are so many culinary competitions — ranging from contests of taste to those of technique — The World Food Championships will be the ultimate food competition," said Richman in the release. "It will be the biggest stage in the cooking competition world, where every beloved food from around the globe and everyone from professionals to amateur enthusiasts can come to take their shot at the title and prove that they have what it takes to be the best."

No surprise that the festival will be hosted in Las Vegas, especially with the Lucky Rice festival coming up in June and the first Las Vegas Foodie Fest at the end of April.

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