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Adorably Spooky Halloween Treats You Have to Make Slideshow

Adorably Spooky Halloween Treats You Have to Make Slideshow

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Get in the spirit with these Halloween sweets

Cake Brains

Our blogger friends at the Culinary Content Network are at it again. This time, they are getting so good it is a little scarry. Spooky and Halloween-themed treats for Halloween are always impressive to have on hand this time of year. But if you aren't sure of what to make or how to make your favorite recipes more "Halloween" looking, it can be a challenge.

Halloween Candy Bark

This recipe from I Heart Eating is comprised of a ton of chocolatey, Halloween colored candies. But the best part about it has to be that it is totally customizable and can include any chocolate candy your heart desires.

Candy Corn Milkshake

Perfect for a kid-friendly Halloween party, this tasty and festive recipe from Baking Beauty is an adorable way to was down all those Halloween treats.​

Ghostly Brownies

Not into the whole “spooky” thing? These brownies from An Alli Event are hardly scary. The standard brownies are topped with friendly marshmallow ghosts that will make your kids smile, not scream!

Pumpkin Surprise

A chocolate cupcake is always a dessert that will make you smile. A chocolate cupcake with a surprise cheesecake pumpkin inside just might make your kids or guests jump for joy! Hungry Happenings has a great step-by-step tutorial so you can recreate this sweet treat.


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